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Mountain ranges / Posavsko hribovje and Dolenjska / Almin dom na Svetini / Štore - Almin dom na Svetini (via Šentjanž and via Vrunčev dom)

Štore - Almin dom na Svetini (via Šentjanž and via Vrunčev dom)

Starting point: Štore (240 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.2213°N 15.3215°E 
Path name: via Šentjanž and via Vrunčev dom
Time of walking: 2 h 30 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 532 m
Altitude difference (by path): 740 m
Map: Posavsko hribovje Boč - Bohor 1:50.000
Author: bruny
Views: 1,962
Trip rating: 2 votes
Number of pictures: 56
Access to starting point:
Štore accessible with the help of the train. On the road...you leave the highway in Celje and practically in the center of Celje go towards Štore or Šentjur. You park the car near the railway station Štore, where there is enough parking spots available and there is also the beginning of the marked mountain path.
Path description:
The beginning of the path is at the railway station in Štore. We go through Voglajna, where a signpost immediately points us left few ten altitude meters uphill. At the first structure immediately left and we follow the mountain path through the forest directly above Voglajna. When we get out of the forest in the settlement Draga we follow the meadow path also directly above Voglajna and further on the asphalt road to the bridge over the river Voglajna or to the crossing named Opoka. To the over the bridge goes path for Dramlje, Konjiška gora..., straight goes towards Resevna, while we continue sharply right in the forest on a narrower forest path, partly road towards Kompole or Sveti Lovrenc.
At the crossing, we reached also XIV division trail and after few hundred metrers we leave the forest and at the equestrian ranch we step on an asphalt path and we continue left in a moderate ascent by the sports field and tourist farm. A gentle descent follows and we soon reach the center of the settlement Kompole with the church of St. Lovrenc and a succursal school.
After sightseeing, we continue downwards and a little to the right to the barn with a blaze. From the barn on a meadow cart track on the second hill between the residential house on the left and business building on the right again to the asphalt grounding and few meters upwards to a crossing at an interesting chapel. From the crossing, we continue left on the asphalt road a little downwards and further by the vigorous homestead higher by the left side of the stable again on a forest path.
The forest path continues along the trickling stream to a pasture, where we then go upwards on a pasture cart track to an unfortunately poorly maintained chapel. From the chapel we continue by three, four homesteads upwards right on asphalt grounding, which passes into a macadam and soon after this we go sharply to the left on a narrower forest path, which we follow by blazes all the way to the exit on a meadow/pasture part. The path passes into a cart track and below the chapel through an ample yard of a homestead we reach an asphalt road Štore - Svetina. We turn right downwards, but first we can turn left and after five minutes of pleasant walking we reach 513 meters high peak Turn with a belfry on the top, which is separated from a little lower situated the church of St. John the Baptist. After sightseeing, we go downwards and we continue right approximately two hundred meters to the turn-off left upwards on a meadow path and we still continue on the forest road to another turn-off sharply left upwards. In the forest there is winding a pleasant path, we cross also a smaller clearing with a hunting bivouac and observatory a little higher. One more section in the forest and we soon come again out of the forest by three or four holiday cottages and we reach the crossing Dobošek. We continue straight and from the left joins the path from Resje or Resevna and by the chapel we further turn right upwards by homesteads and soon right by the path, we reach the mountain hut Vrunčev dom na Svetini.
After a short resting we continue by homesteads and mainly holiday cottages to a crossing Ramanca, where from the right join the paths from Štore via Žlajfa and through Bojanski graben. Now three paths from Štore continue together each with its own story in Celje hills to a common destination peak Ramanca or mountain hut Almin dom na Svetini directly below it, on a pleasant diverse path. We quickly reach the destination and we are rewarded with views towards Svetina and also Celje. The mountain hut in the time of the description (April 2014) is for quite some time closed.
On the way: Sv. Lovrenc (Kompole) (315m), Turn (Sv. Janez Krstnik) (513m), Vrunčev dom na Svetini (780m)
Trip can be extended to: Lahomniški sopot (1 h 30 min) , Sveti Peter (Olešče) ( 30 min) , Hotel Celjska koča , Babni vrh , Veliki vrh above Svetina , Tolsti vrh above Celjska koča
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