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Mountain ranges / Stubai Alps / Rinnenspitze / Oberissalm - Rinnenspitze (normal approach via Franz-Senn-Hütte)

Oberissalm - Rinnenspitze (normal approach via Franz-Senn-Hütte)

Starting point: Oberissalm (1742 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 47.09572°N 11.19491°E 
Path name: normal approach via Franz-Senn-Hütte
Time of walking: 3 h 45 min
Difficulty: difficult marked way
Difficulty of skiing: more demanding
Altitude difference: 1261 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1261 m
Map: Stubaier Alpen Mitte, 31/4 1:25.000; Outdooractive Stubai Wanderkarte
Author: pg
Views: 268
Trip rating: 6 votes
Number of pictures: 63
Access to starting point:
From Ljubljana, we drive on the highway past Salzburg in the direction towards München. At the multilevel junction Dreieck Inntal we go on the road A93 in the direction of Innsbruck/Kufstein/Brenner. When we return to Austria we continue to the junction with the exit Innsbruck-Mitte. Here we don't turn towards Innsbruck, but we continue on the highway A13 in the direction towards the mountain pass Brenner. We leave the highway at the exit 10-Schönberg and a comfortable road through the valley Stubaital we follow to the settlement Neustift im Stubaital, where at the roundabout in the middle of the town we choose the first exit and the ascending road we follow to the village Milders. In Milders we follow the road Mühlenweg and signposts for Oberissalm. To the mountain pasture follows approx. 8 km of narrower asphalt road, on which there is often a livestock, so the possible waiting time must be included in the estimated driving time. On the mountain pasture Oberiss we park on the settled parking lot, where the parking fee is 5 euros per day.

Alternatively we can drive through northern Italy: in this case from the main Slovenia on the highway A2 we drive to one of the border crossings with Austria and we continue towards Lienz. Here we continue on the road 100 and past the passage Prato alla Drava we drive into Italy. In Italy we follow the road SS49 all the way to the juncture with highway A22 in the direction towards the mountain pass Brenner. After the mountain pass, we continue in the direction towards Innsbruck to the exit Schönberg. From there we continue as described above.
Path description:
On the mountain pasture at the signpost above the parking lot we go on a wide macadam road which in few minutes of easy walking towards the southwest brings us to a well-marked turn-off of a narrower footpath, which with nice views on the eastern part of the mountain range Alpeiner Berge and mountain pasture Oberiss below us in zig-zags relatively gently leads through thin high mountain forest. A little higher we pass on a grassy slope covered with high mountain vegetation by the edge of the upper part of the valley Obergbach, where we have nice views towards the mountain hut Franz Senn and Vordere Sommerwand, and the steepness then starts to decrease. On a pleasant and panoramic footpath, which we follow in the last part of the path to the hut, past the mountain dairy on the mountain pasture Alpeiner on attractive watery landscape in good fifteen minutes we ascend to popular Franz-Senn-Hütte; from the starting point to the hut there is approximately hour and a half of walking.

At the big signpost after the small bridge just by the mountain hut we follow the signs for Rinnenspitze and Rinnensee and we go right (towards the northeast) and on a footpath which is winding on a grassy slope, we ascend to a short rocky passage above the riverbed of a torrent; the passage is secured with some steel cables, which in snowless conditions serve only as additional support. Soon after the jump, the steepness decreases a little and with wonderful views on the ridge of Sommerwand and remaining peaks in the mountain range Alpeiner Berge we are for some time comfortably ascending on a relatively wide path above grassy flanks. Soon the tip of our destination shows up, and the footpath starts turning towards the west. On the edge of a high mountain plateau, which hosts Rinnenspitze and Rinnensee, we get to a bench on a panoramic spot and we go firmly right towards the upper massif of Rinnenspitze. Grassy spaces gradually passes into a stone extension of rocky building Rinnenspitze, through which on the path which avoids sharp edges of gravel with relatively big stones, we ascend steeper to a crossing below the upper part of Rinnenspitze. From here to the top we have approximately 45 minutes of ascent, to the lake Rinnensee separates us only a short walk (at the ascent or descent I recommend visiting this attractive high mountain lake).

In the final part of the ascent on Rinnenspitze an increasingly steep path leads on broken rocks of the mountain, and in parts we have to use hands. At relatively fast ascent towards the ridge, which we can see in front of us, nice views are opening up towards the lake below us. After a little less than half an hour of walking from the crossing, the signs bring us to the beginning of the secured path, which will from here lead all the way to the peak.
At first with the help of steel cables and numerous stemples through quite steep flat rocks we ascend to the notched upper ridge of Rinnenspitze, where at the most tricky spots we get help from a steel cable. After a short passage of not very exposed ridge with the help of steel cables and iron spikes we ascend over a steep jump (key spot) and just below the ridge we cross on the south side of the mountain. When we in front of us notice the cross on the top, to the highest point of the tour follows only the final ascent on a slightly crumbly upper slope of the mountain, where we get help from wire ropes.

Despite that, that Rinnenspitze isn't very simple accessible three-thousander as some other peaks in Stubai Alps (e.g.. Sulzkogel or Zischgeles), the path there in snowless conditions to experienced mountaineer shouldn't cause any problems, and because of nice views from the peak and a quite dynamic ascent route, which runs on quite alluring mountain landscapes, the peak is perfect to start exploring the highest areas of Stubai Alps. The latter we can notice also on crowds, because Rinnenspitze is one the most visited mountains in the mountain range Alpeiner Berge, to which contributes also the status of one of 7 "classic peaks of Stubai".
On the way: Franz-Senn-Hütte (2147m)
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