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Mountain ranges / Posavsko hribovje and Dolenjska / Žamboh / Pasjek - Žamboh (Špeglovec, Kleviška špica and Žamboh - from north)

Pasjek - Žamboh (Špeglovec, Kleviška špica and Žamboh - from north)

Starting point: Pasjek (231 m)
Destination: Žamboh (738 m)
Path name: Špeglovec, Kleviška špica and Žamboh - from north
Time of walking: 5 h 30 min
Difficulty: very difficult pathless terrain
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 507 m
Altitude difference (by path): 560 m
Map: Zagorje ob Savi 1:30.000
Author: alyas
Views: 1,110
Trip rating: 3 votes
Number of pictures: 64
Access to starting point:
Žamboh – northern ridge access from Pasjek - from Blejak

From the direction Litija towards Zagorje, from Pasjek (turn-off for Polšnik), we need to drive about 500 meters ahead, where right by the main road on the right there is a small and indistinct narrow passing place for approx 3 personal cars. There isn't much space by the road, so we need to be really careful when getting in/out of the car, because the main road is relatively busy. Immediately after the retaining wall above the road, there is the beginning of our path upwards.
A note: It is safer to park the car at the bridge in Pasjek, but then we need to go to the starting point on foot by the main road which is maybe even more inconvenient and dangerous.
Path description:
On the way: Sv.Lovrenc cerkev (698m), Kleviška špica (791m), Žamboh (731m)
Pasjek - Žamboh1
Pasjek - Žamboh2
Pasjek - Žamboh3
Pasjek - Žamboh4
Pasjek - Žamboh5
Pasjek - Žamboh6
Pasjek - Žamboh7
Pasjek - Žamboh8
Pasjek - Žamboh9
Pasjek - Žamboh10
Pasjek - Žamboh11
Pasjek - Žamboh12
Pasjek - Žamboh13
Pasjek - Žamboh14
Pasjek - Žamboh15
Pasjek - Žamboh16
Pasjek - Žamboh17
Pasjek - Žamboh18
Pasjek - Žamboh19
Pasjek - Žamboh20
Pasjek - Žamboh21
Pasjek - Žamboh22
Pasjek - Žamboh23
Pasjek - Žamboh24
Pasjek - Žamboh25
Pasjek - Žamboh26
Pasjek - Žamboh27
Pasjek - Žamboh28
Pasjek - Žamboh29
Pasjek - Žamboh30
Pasjek - Žamboh31
Pasjek - Žamboh32
Pasjek - Žamboh33
Pasjek - Žamboh34
Pasjek - Žamboh35
Pasjek - Žamboh36
Pasjek - Žamboh37
Pasjek - Žamboh38
Pasjek - Žamboh39
Pasjek - Žamboh40
Pasjek - Žamboh41
Pasjek - Žamboh42
Pasjek - Žamboh43
Pasjek - Žamboh44
Pasjek - Žamboh45
Pasjek - Žamboh46
Pasjek - Žamboh47
Pasjek - Žamboh48
Pasjek - Žamboh49
Pasjek - Žamboh50
Pasjek - Žamboh51
Pasjek - Žamboh52
Pasjek - Žamboh53
Pasjek - Žamboh54
Pasjek - Žamboh55
Pasjek - Žamboh56
Pasjek - Žamboh57
Pasjek - Žamboh58
Pasjek - Žamboh59
Pasjek - Žamboh60
Pasjek - Žamboh61
Pasjek - Žamboh62
Pasjek - Žamboh63
Pasjek - Žamboh64
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