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Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)

Starting point: Dobeno (511 m)
Time of walking: 30 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 130 m
Altitude difference (by path): 145 m
Map: Ljubljana - okolica 1:50.000
Views: 40,060
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 18
Access to starting point:
From the road Trzin - Kamnik, at settlement Loka we go on a local road in the direction of Loka and Dobeno. Further, we drive through Loka, where at the crossroads we follow the signs for Dobeno. Further, we cross few fields, and then the road passes into the forest, where it starts ascending steeper. We soon get to Dobeno, and we follow the road for some time and we drive past the inn Ručigaj and Dobenski hram to a large asphalt parking lot, by which there is a chapel and next to it a bench.
Path description:
From the parking lot, we continue on an ascending asphalt road which at the crossroads we follow in the direction of the mountain hut Dom na Rašici. With nice views on Posavsko hribovje and partly also on Kamnik Savinja Alps, we quickly get to a hamlet, where mountain signposts for mountain hut Dom na Rašici point us to the right on at first a wide cart track. Here the path passes into the forest, and at the crossings we carefully follow the blazes, that in labyrinth of cart tracks and footpaths we don't miss the right path. Higher wide footpath slightly descends, and then it starts moderately ascending towards the mountain hut Dom na Rašici, which we reach after few minutes of additional walking.
From the hut, we continue on a gently sloping path in the direction of lookout tower, and we reach it after a minute of additional walking. For a nice view it is worth to ascend also on 17 meters high lookout tower.
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)1
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)2
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)3
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)4
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)5
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)6
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)7
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)8
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)9
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)10
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)11
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)12
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)13
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)14
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)15
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)16
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)17
Dobeno - Rašica (Vrh Staneta Kosca)18
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