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GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)

Starting point: GEOSS (645 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.1203°N 14.8157°E 
Time of walking: 35 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 53 m
Altitude difference (by path): 65 m
Map: Ljubljana - okolica 1:50.000
Views: 1,030
Trip rating: 2 votes
Number of pictures: 20
Access to starting point:
A) From the road Ljubljana - Litija, in the settlement Spodnji Hotič we go left (from the direction Litija right) in the direction of the settlement Vače. Next follows an ascent to the mentioned village, from where we go left and then we follow the signs for GEOSS. In the settlement Spodnja Slivna we get to the inn Gostilna Vrabec, from where there is to the parking lot by GEOSS only good 100 meters of driving.
B) From the road Moravče - Izlake, in the settlement Kandrše, at Trata bar we turn right (from the direction Izlake left) on the road in the direction of GEOSS. Next follows a relatively short ascent, and then from the crossroad we continue right (left Vače) and in the next crossroads as well, we follow the signs for GEOSS. We park on the settled parking lot next to GEOSS.
Path description:
From GEOSS, we return to the inn Gostilna Vrabec, and from there we continue straight in the direction of Gora. We on the left side bypass the turn-off towards the adventure park GEOSS, and then we continue on a little worse road in the direction of Gora, which crosses slopes towards the right. At first, the path offers nice views, and then for some time passes into the forest, where past a cross brings us to a crossroad at the edge of hamlet Zgornja Gora.
Here we go left and follow the signs for the path around Slivna. Above the hamlet, the road becomes steeper and in few minutes brings us to the church of St. Florjan, from which a nice view opens up on Posavsko hribovje, in good visibility, the view reaches all the way to the Alps.
Description and pictures refer to a condition in the year 2018 (December).
On the way: Zgornja Gora (645m)
Trip can be extended to: GEOSS , Dom Ušte - Žerenk (1 h 5 min) , Slivna (Pivkelj)
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)1
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)2
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)3
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)4
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)5
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)6
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)7
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)8
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)9
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)10
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)11
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)12
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)13
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)14
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)15
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)16
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)17
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)18
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)19
GEOSS - Sveti Florjan (Zgornja Gora)20
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