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Mountain ranges / Prekmurje / Kripta / Grad - Kripta (western path)

Grad - Kripta (western path)

Starting point: Grad (267 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.80119°N 16.09217°E 
Destination: Kripta (331 m)
Path name: western path
Time of walking: 30 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 64 m
Altitude difference (by path): 70 m
Map: Pomurje 1:40.000
Views: 175
Trip rating: 2 votes
Number of pictures: 22
Access to starting point:
A) We drive to Radenci, and then we continue driving towards Gederovci and Kuzma. From the roundabout in Gederovci we continue in the direction of Kuzma, after the settlement Pertoča we go right towards Grad. When we get to Grad, at the store Spar we continue straight and we drive a little further to the parish church of St. Mary of the Assumption, where we park on the parking lot in front of the church.
B) From Murska Sobota we drive towards Gederovci, and in Černelavci we go right in the direction of Grad. Further, we drive through few more settlements, where at the crossroads we continue in the direction of Grad. When we already get to Grad, past the store Spar we drive to the parish church in Grad, by which we park on a parking lot.
Path description:
From the parking lot at the church, we walk to the main road and we continue by the road towards the southwest. When we walk on a sidewalk, the path leads us past the football field, and when we get to a crossroad below store Spar, we continue straight in the direction of Dolnji Slaveči (left - castle Grad and one of the paths on Kripta).
Only few 10 strides ahead, in front of the gas station Maxen, blazes point us to the left, on a side road which at a larger decaying building turns right. Next follows a walk between the field on the left and a decaying structure on the right, where at the smaller gate a poorly beaten and often overgrown northern path on Kripta branches off to the left, and we still continue on a wider cart track which turns slightly to the right, and still leads us by the field. The path ahead leads us between the forest on the left and stream on the right, and when we get to a marked crossing, we continue left upwards in the direction of the path Graščakova pot (signpost is from the opposite direction).
Next follows an ascent on a narrower older cart track, and at the smaller crossing, we go right as signpost of path Graščakova pot points us to. Next follows few minutes of a steeper ascent through the forest and we get to the top of Kripta.
Description and pictures refer to a condition in February 2021.
Grad - Kripta1
Grad - Kripta2
Grad - Kripta3
Grad - Kripta4
Grad - Kripta5
Grad - Kripta6
Grad - Kripta7
Grad - Kripta8
Grad - Kripta9
Grad - Kripta10
Grad - Kripta11
Grad - Kripta12
Grad - Kripta13
Grad - Kripta14
Grad - Kripta15
Grad - Kripta16
Grad - Kripta17
Grad - Kripta18
Grad - Kripta19
Grad - Kripta20
Grad - Kripta21
Grad - Kripta22
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