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Mountain ranges / Goriško, Notranjsko and Snežniško hribovje / Laze / Grčarevec - Laze (čez Vranjo jamo)

Grčarevec - Laze (čez Vranjo jamo)

Starting point: Grčarevec (490 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 45.87272°N 14.21312°E 
Destination: Laze (450 m)
Path name: čez Vranjo jamo
Time of walking: 1 h 30 min
Difficulty: easy marked way, partly demanding marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: -40 m
Altitude difference (by path): 348 m
Map: Laze
Author: Lalija
Views: 389
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 42
Access to starting point:
A) From the direction Ljubljana we drive to Kalce, and there at the crossroad we go left in the direction of Koper and Postojna.
B) From the direction of Godovič we drive to Kalce pri Logatcu, and there at the crossroad we go left in the direction of Koper and Postojna.
C) From Ajdovščina, Predmeja or Črni Vrh nad Idrijo we drive to Col, and from there we continue driving to Kalce pri Logatcu. At the crossroad in Kalce we turn left in the direction of Koper and Postojna.
D) From the direction Koper we leave the highway at exit Unec, and then we follow the sign for Planina and on the old road we also follow the signs for Planina.

We park at the bus stop in Grčarevec.
Path description:
In Grčarevec we go downwards towards karst field. Half an hour we walk by the field with Unica, and then at the crossing we decide to follow the sign for Laze via Vranja jama 1h 10 min. The path goes upwards on a macadam, and after five minutes on the tree there are two signposts. One is pointing straight, the second right, and both are without inscriptions. We turn right on a cart track. Five minutes we walk through the forest and on the left we find a rock with arrows. One arrow is pointing straight, the second is pointing on a footpath uphill. We go straight, and after few steps, on the ground there is again an arrow by the blaze. Cart track changes into a footpath which soon turns to the right. Terrain becomes difficult and it leans downwards, and there is sinkhole Pod Stenami. We are accompanied by triangular blazes, and these are a sign that we are approaching a cave. We get to a crossing of two footpaths, both are without signposts. We decide for the right footpath, and the left goes past the rocky barrow towards the cave Skedena jama.

After two minutes we get to signposts with the caption Laze. We follow it and among rocks we ten minutes walk on a footpath upwards. On this part in wet there is a danger of slipping, on the right edge of the footpath runs on the wall of the sinkhole Pod stenami. Trees grow even in the sinkhole (this doesn't mean, that the mountain wall isn't almost vertical). We walk on a narrow path between the sinkhole Pod stenami and the cave. The trees by the path won't help much (before we grab them, check them). A view opens up on a field, and we are already before the steep ascent. After fifteen minutes of walking among rocks, the rocks will this disappear, and the footpath flattens. Five more minutes and from the cave on the right we will notice treetops. This is the cave Vranja jama and from here we already feel cold air. The path runs near the edge, where there are rocks (if we step to the edge, we can stumble. We also have to be careful not to slip on leaves). After a minute or two we get to a wooden fence, from here the footpath leads to the entrance of cave Vranja jama. The footpath (only partly marked) at first turns towards the wall, and then runs among trees. Temperature with every walked minute drops for two degrees. A descent to the point, at which we already see the entrance, will take five minutes. If you want to go inside the cave, during the rain (because of the water flow) it will be difficult to do.

From the cave Vranja jama to Laze we have only easy and short walk. Ten minutes on a macadam (via cave Najdena jama), to get to a crossroad with the asphalt road and there in fifteen minutes we get to the destination.
On the way: Skedena jama (486m), Pod Stenami (440m), Mrzla jama (464m), Vranja jama (471m), Najdena jama (518m)
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