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Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)

Starting point: Kožljek (792 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 45.8435°N 14.379°E 
Time of walking: 30 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 155 m
Altitude difference (by path): 155 m
Map: Snežnik 1:50.000
Views: 539
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 21
Access to starting point:
A) We drive on Rakitna, and then we continue driving towards Cerknica. After the settlement Pikovnik, the road starts descending steeper, and then we are driving through the settlement Kržišče, Beč, Župeno and Gorenje Otave. Even a little further, we leave the main road which leads towards Begunje pri Cerknici and we continue driving straight on a side road in the direction of the settlement Stražišče. We bypass Stražišče on the right bypass road, and then the road again starts descending. When the road flattens, we quickly get to the settlement Kožljek, where by the bus stop there is the beginning of the described path. We park somewhere nearby on an appropriate place.
B) We drive to Cerknica, and then we continue driving in the direction of Begunje pri Cerknici. In Begunje we continue left and then through settlements Bezuljak and Dobec, we drive to the settlement Kožljek, where by the bus stop there is the beginning of the described path. We park somewhere nearby on an appropriate place.
Path description:
From the crossroad in Kožljek, we continue towards the north, where we at first walk on a marked path, at first a road which leads towards Pokojišče. We leave the mentioned marked road after approximately 200 meters, where in the hamlet of few houses we continue right on a yard. Behind the yard, the road changes into a cart track, and there we at first continue through a meadow, and when the path passes into the forest, we also start ascending. After few minutes, we get to an ample clearing, in the middle of which stands a hunting observatory, and a little ahead, at the smaller crossing, we continue right upwards. Next follows an ascent through the forest, and when the cart track comes below the route of a high voltage power line Beričevo - Divača, we leave the cart track and we continue the ascent on a worse footpath which continues by the power line. Next follows an ascent with increasingly beautiful views, and when the ascent ends, we reach the peak of Leskovica, on the top of which is situated a trigonometric point.
Description and pictures refer to a condition in the year 2016 (December).
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)1
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)2
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)3
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)4
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)5
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)6
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)7
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)8
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)9
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)10
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)11
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)12
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)13
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)14
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)15
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)16
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)17
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)18
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)19
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)20
Kožljek - Leskovica (above Stražišče)21
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