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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Slatnik (southeastern peak) / Podbrdo - Slatnik (southeastern peak)

Podbrdo - Slatnik (southeastern peak)

Starting point: Podbrdo (515 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.2151°N 13.9739°E 
Time of walking: 3 h 25 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 1082 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1105 m
Map: Škofjeloško in Cerkljansko hribovje 1:50.000
Views: 984
Trip rating: 2 votes
Number of pictures: 77
Access to starting point:
A) First, we drive to Škofja Loka, and then we continue driving towards Železniki and Tolmin. When we get to Podbrdo, we need to pay attention, because we will immediately behind the church turn right on a narrower local road which starts ascending by the river Bača. We park on an appropriate place by the road, or on a smaller parking lot by the local cemetery.
B) From the road Idrija - Most na Soči, at settlement Bača pri Modreju we turn right, or left, if we come from the direction of Posočje and we continue driving towards Podbrdo. At the end of the settlement Podbrdo, we need to pay attention, because we will just before the church of St. Miklavž turn left on a narrower local road which starts ascending by the river Bača. We park on an appropriate place by the road, or on a smaller parking lot by the local cemetery.
Path description:
From the starting point, we continue on at first still asphalt road, from which soon marked footpath towards Vrh Bače branches off sharply to the left. Further, we continue past old residential houses, behind which we gradually pass over in the forest. Through the forest, we are ascending on a relatively well-marked and partly also quite steep mountain path, which higher flattens and out of the forest brings us on a short panoramic slope, on which we walk to the near small church of St. Lenart.
At the church, we step on a narrow road, on which we quickly walk in the village Bača pri Podbrdu. Through the small and panoramic village, we follow the blazes, and they lead on a cart track which starts ascending through the forest. Narrower and at first also a little overgrown cart track, already after few minutes joins old mule track. Wide mule track we follow to the right, and it already after few minutes brings us to a smaller crossing, where we continue on the upper left path in the direction of Vrh Bače (slightly right Petrovo Brdo).
Further, we are for quite some time ascending on a well preserved and quite wide mule track, which we higher leave for a short time because the path leads on a marked shortcut. Higher on a mule track we few times get to some fallen trees, and then we get closer to cliffs of the peak Šance, where we leave mule track. Next, we ascend on a quite steep path, on which in 5 minutes of additional walking, we get to the hunting cottage on Vrh Bače.
From the hunting cottage, we continue in the direction of Črna prst, after that only few steps below indistinct saddle Vrh Bače, we continue right in the direction of Šavnik and Možic. The path ahead for a short time steeply ascends through the forest and then it brings us on a grassy plain, where the path for some time flattens. The path ahead returns into the forest, where already after a short ascent, it brings us to an old military bunker, which is converted into some kind of holiday cottage, and the path bypasses it on the right side. A moderately steep path then brings us by the edge of the ridge (here we can in few steps ascend on a nice vantage point - a view on Baška grapa and Kobla) by which we are then ascending through more or less dense forest. Higher, the path turns to the left and entirely flattens. Next follows good 5 minutes of walking, and then the path brings us on a larger grassy slope between Šavnik and Slatnik. We continue here on an easy path, which turns to the right and after few steps it brings us to a marked crossing.
We continue straight (left Šavnik) and we continue through a meadow named Na poljani. After few steps, we bypass emergency bivouac and only a little further we come on a less noticeable crossing, where we continue slightly right (slightly left mountain pasture Planina za Šavnikom). The marked path then passes into the forest, where starts relatively steeply ascending. Higher the forest gets thinner, and the path brings us on a smaller saddle between Možic on the left and Slatnik on the right. Here we continue right (sharply left Možic) on the path which ascends on the ridge of Slatnik. When after a short ascent, we reach the mentioned ridge, we continue slightly right (straight barracks and Soriška planina, right northwestern peak of Slatnik) on a wide path, on which we diagonally descend to the saddle between the both peaks of Slatnik.
We continue here slightly left on an unmarked path (right marked path bypasses the peak on the right side), on which in few minutes of additional walking, we reach the southeastern peak of Slatnik, on which there is situated stamp and from which a nice view opens up on surrounding hills.
On the way: Sveti Lenart (Bača pri Podbrdu) (751m), Vrh Bače (1273m)
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