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Mountain ranges / Kamnik Savinja Alps / Planica (Paragliding site Gozd) / Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)

Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)

Starting point: Pristava (516 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.3475°N 14.2982°E 
Time of walking: 1 h 20 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 410 m
Altitude difference (by path): 415 m
Map: Karavanke - osrednji del 1:50.000
Views: 151
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 36
Access to starting point:
A) From highway Ljubljana - Jesenice we go to the exit Naklo, and then we continue driving in the direction towards settlements Žeje, Spodnje and Zgornje Duplje to the settlement Retnje, where we turn right towards the settlement Križe. Further, we drive past NOB monument, sports field Križe, cemetery and parish church Križe, and then we get to a crossroad with the priority road, where at the stop sign we go left in the direction of Tržič. Križe soon ends and we get to Pristava, where at the crossroad at the children's playground there is the beginning of the described path. We park on an appropriate place nearby.
B) From highway Jesenice - Ljubljana we go to the exit Podbrezje, and then we continue driving towards Ljubelj and Tržič. Before Petrol gas station in Bistrica pri Tržiču we turn right and then we drive in Tržič. When the road descends into the valley, we continue sharply right in the direction of Pristava and Križi, and further we drive on the road which at the end of the settlement Bistrica pri Tržiču ascends, and then it flattens and it brings us to a crossroad, where we continue sharply left in the direction of Pristava. In Pristava we go right and past houses and some few crossroads we get to the road Križe - Tržič, where by the children's playground in Pristava there is the beginning of the described path. We park on an appropriate place nearby.
Path description:
From the crossroad at the children's playground in Pristava we go on a side road which continues towards the east and leads us past few houses. When we get to steep slope, we continue straight on a steep unmarked footpath which ascends above the settlement and it quickly brings us into the forest. Higher on the right we notice a hunting observatory, and at the smaller crossing, we go left. Few minutes of ascent through the forest follows, and then we reach a cart track which we follow to the left. Only a little further, we cross also a macadam road, and we continue walking on a cart track, to which after a short ascent from the left joins the marked path from Tržič.
Next follows a walk on a cart track, where at the crossings we follow the blazes, and from the cart track higher path branches off to the left towards NOB monument Čevdrci, and we continue straight on a marked path. Next follows few minutes of gentle path, after that towards the left we cross the asphalt road which leads to the village Gozd. Further, we walk on a worse macadam road which after trough with water changes into ascending cart track. Cart track higher for some time touches asphalt road, and we again continue right from the road. Next follows few minutes of a light ascent through the forest and the path brings us to the cottage Zavetišče v Gozdu.
From Zavetišče v Gozdu we continue on the asphalt road in the direction of Kriška gora, Tolsti vrh, Golnik and Zalog, and from which we go already after few 10 strides right, on a side road in the direction of a vantage point and airfield. At first, we ascend on an asphalt road, from which a beautiful view opens up towards Kriška gora, and the road quickly becomes a macadam and passes into the forest. Follows only a light ascent and the path brings us to Planica or airfield Gozd.
Pristava - Zavetišče v Gozdu 1:15, Zavetišče v Gozdu - Planica 0:05.
Description refers to condition in April 2020, and pictures are from various periods.
On the way: Zavetišče v Gozdu (891m)
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)1
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)2
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)3
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)4
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)5
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)6
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)7
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)8
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)9
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)10
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)11
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)12
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)13
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)14
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)15
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)16
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)17
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)18
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)19
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)20
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)21
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)22
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)23
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)24
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)25
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)26
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)27
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)28
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)29
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)30
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)31
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)32
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)33
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)34
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)35
Pristava - Planica (Paragliding site Gozd)36
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