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Mountain ranges / Goriško, Notranjsko and Snežniško hribovje / Grčarevec / Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec (via Razgledišče)

Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec (via Razgledišče)

Starting point: Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) (635 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 45.8727°N 14.2132°E 
Destination: Grčarevec (476 m)
Path name: via Razgledišče
Time of walking: 2 h
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: -159 m
Altitude difference (by path): 100 m
Map: Srnjak
Author: Lalija
Views: 825
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 23
Access to starting point:
A) From Postojna, Logatec or Godovič we drive to Kalce pri Logatcu, and from there we continue driving in the direction of Podkraj. Few 100 meters further from the left hairpin turn, from the main road, a macadam road branches off to the left, by which there are signs for Roman fortress on Lanišče (Rimska trdnjava). We park on an appropriate place near the crossroad.
B) From Ajdovščina, Predmeja or Črni Vrh above Idrija we drive to Col, and from there we continue driving towards Podkraj and forward towards Logatec. When we already get to municipality Logatec, on the part where the road is descending and turns slightly to the left, we get to a smaller crossroad, where a macadam road branches off to the right, by which we notice signs for Roman fortress on Lanišče (Rimska trdnjava). We park near the crossroad.
Path description:
At the starting point the red sign points towards the fortress, and from there we follow wooden arrows for Razgledišče to the right. Below the power line there are two cart tracks, and we go on the left one. (The right path is themed trail to Hrušica and old post office in the direction of Vipava). Already after three strides on a cart track an arrow on the tree points on a footpath on our right. After a short ascent through the forest it flattens and ends with stairs, which bring us on a macadam. When we step on a macadam, in front of us there are rocks, and on the rocs an arrow, which is pointing left. After the turn on the right we notice another one, a little more rocky path upwards. Both paths are marked, but without signposts, and on both we get to Razgledišče pod Srnjakom (viewpoint). It will be faster, if we go straight on a macadam, where after a turn or two there will be an image of white deer on the rock, which is a sign, that we are at Razgledišče pod Srnjakom (viewpoint). We go past this viewpoint and ahead through the forest. On the right we will soon run into a sand area for parking or turning. This is the starting point for a gentle (right) and steep (left) path on Srnjak. Again we go past, and steep turn-offs to the right on Srnjak are now frequent. Steep slope on the left is in parts precipiced (min 200 meters). After a longer descent from the left joins a macadam road. A wooden arrow with trees points back towards Razgledišče, and we already follow the turn of our road to the right. We are descending, until we come on a clearing. Not far from the monument from the 2nd world war, on the rock there is an arrow, which points sharply to the left, and there is a cart track. This cart track for a short time leaves the macadam, and then again returns on the macadam. We don't walk long, when an arrow again points left on a cart track, and then after few minutes it divides. We choose the less visible left one and while walking we pay attention to roots or rocks. Destination is near and we will reach it on any route (from then on only downwards). The marked cart track will become a footpath, and there we come on asphalt. Few strides downwards and we are already standing before the road from Grčarevec to Planina on the edge of Planinsko polje. Near the B & B Žigon or Pr' Žigon there is a box with a stamp.
On the way: Srnjak (919m)
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec1
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec2
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec3
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec4
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec5
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec6
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec7
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec8
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec9
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec10
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec11
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec12
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec13
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec14
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec15
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec16
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec17
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec18
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec19
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec20
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec21
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec22
Rimska trdnjava (Lanišče) - Grčarevec23
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