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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Mala Mojstrovka / Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka (southern way)

Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka (southern way)

Starting point: Vršič (1611 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.4336°N 13.7435°E 
Path name: southern way
Time of walking: 2 h 15 min
Difficulty: partly demanding marked way
Difficulty of skiing: demanding
Altitude difference: 721 m
Altitude difference (by path): 721 m
Map: Kranjska Gora 1:30.000
Views: 119,741
Trip rating: 15 votes
Number of pictures: 24
Access to starting point:
From Kranjska Gora, we drive towards Bovec or vice versa, but only to mountain pass Vršič, where we park.
Path description:
From the parking lot on Vršič we go on at first badly marked path, which leads on Mojstrovka and Sleme. After a short ascent path brings us to bigger rock on which we notice sign Mojstrovka left. We continue in the direction of Mojstrovka (right Mojstrovka over Hanza route and Slemenova špica) on the path, which is ascending diagonally over thin larch forest. After approximately half an hour of ascent, the path brings us to extensive scree below Mojstrovka. Mentioned scree we cross on the upper side, and after it path brings us in crumbly gully. Next follows steep and for slipping dangerous ascent on gravel, which we overcome in approximately 15 minutes. On top of the gully steepness decreases and in front of us opens up "sunny" Primorska. Here the path turns right and already after few steps starts ascending steeply (in snow and ice dangerous for slipping). On the top of this ascent we step on a nice vantage point, from which a nice view opens up downwards towards Vršič. Path ahead avoids the ridge a little to the left and then crosses two smaller gullies. And only a little ahead path again gets closer to the ridge. To continue we have two options. We can continue straight on a marked path, which over gravel brings us to the summit or we continue slightly right and we continue the ascent on nice panoramic ridge. The latter path isn't marked but it is quite easier for the ascent, because we don't need to walk on the scree. A little below the summit both paths join and they bring us to the inscription box, which is situated little below the summit and then also on a panoramic peak.
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka1
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka2
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka3
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka4
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka5
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka6
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka7
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka8
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka9
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka10
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka11
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka12
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka13
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka14
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka15
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka16
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka17
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka18
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka19
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka20
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka21
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka22
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka23
Vršič - Mala Mojstrovka24
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