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Mountain ranges / Kamnik Savinja Alps / Kalška gora / Žagana peč - Kalška gora

Žagana peč - Kalška gora

Starting point: Žagana peč (812 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.3384°N 14.5702°E 
Time of walking: 3 h 15 min
Difficulty: partly demanding unmarked way, difficult marked way
Difficulty of skiing: demanding
Altitude difference: 1235 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1235 m
Map: Grintovci 1:25000
Author: fpetel1
Views: 26,753
Trip rating: 2 votes
Number of pictures: 32
Access to starting point:
We drive into a valley of Kamniška Bistrica towards the mountain hut Dom v Kamniški Bistrici. From the hut, we continue forward on the road which soon becomes a macadam. We follow the road ahead towards signs for saddle Kokrsko sedlo. We park at big boulder, Žagana peč on which also altitude is writen. Some meters higher is on the left side of the road smaller parking spot where we park.
Driving from the mountain hut in Kamniška Bistrica to Žagana peč is now forbidden (traffic sign), this extends the path for approximately 45 minutes.
Path description:
We start at Žagana peč, or half an hour lower at Kamniška Bistrica. Some meters above Žagana peč, where from Kamniška Bistrica lead blazes towards the saddle Kokrsko sedlo, on the left side of the road from parking space well-beaten hunting footpath branches off. It is rising through steep forest and crosses some gullies. We stick to the left direction and in good hour we come to a small saddle, where there stands a hunting cottage with a bench (1330m). The path turns right above cottage on left slope of the hill and then on natural groove. The footpath is all the time pretty steep and pleasantly soft. At the end of the groove beaten path branches off to the right on Zob and ahead on Kalška gora and not on Čmaževski turn, which is lower. We follow the path straight, which starts vanishing in dwarf pines and is becoming less steep. The path almost completely avoids dwarf pines and completely vanishes on high mountain karst terrain Kalce. If we follow the bottom indistinct valley (we get help from cairns), we come to scree and there to a marked path, which we follow to the right towards the saddle Kokrsko sedlo. Over steep spot we get help from a steel cable. In 10 minutes we come to a crossroad, where we turn right towards Kalška gora. To the top we have good 5 minutes on panoramic grassy path. Car-hunting cottage 1h10', hunting cottage-marked path 1h50', marked path - peak 15'. At the descent it is harder to find the footpath, if we didn't ascend on this path.
Žagana peč - Kalška gora1
Žagana peč - Kalška gora2
Žagana peč - Kalška gora3
Žagana peč - Kalška gora4
Žagana peč - Kalška gora5
Žagana peč - Kalška gora6
Žagana peč - Kalška gora7
Žagana peč - Kalška gora8
Žagana peč - Kalška gora9
Žagana peč - Kalška gora10
Žagana peč - Kalška gora11
Žagana peč - Kalška gora12
Žagana peč - Kalška gora13
Žagana peč - Kalška gora14
Žagana peč - Kalška gora15
Žagana peč - Kalška gora16
Žagana peč - Kalška gora17
Žagana peč - Kalška gora18
Žagana peč - Kalška gora19
Žagana peč - Kalška gora20
Žagana peč - Kalška gora21
Žagana peč - Kalška gora22
Žagana peč - Kalška gora23
Žagana peč - Kalška gora24
Žagana peč - Kalška gora25
Žagana peč - Kalška gora26
Žagana peč - Kalška gora27
Žagana peč - Kalška gora28
Žagana peč - Kalška gora29
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Žagana peč - Kalška gora31
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