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Mountain ranges / Karawanks / Boč / Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč

Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč

Starting point: Zgornja Kostrivnica (297 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.26147°N 15.59192°E 
Destination: Boč (978 m)
Time of walking: 2 h
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 681 m
Altitude difference (by path): 700 m
Author: edelweiss96
Views: 5,190
Trip rating: 4 votes
Number of pictures: 44
Access to starting point:
We leave Štajerska highway at the junction Slovenska Bistrica - south (jug), from where we follow the signs for Poljčane. Those point us out of the town, from where we all the time follow the main road in the direction of Boč, which is from here already clearly visible. Through Zgornje Poljčane we don't turn on Boč, but we continue in the direction of Rogaška Slatina and we cross mountain pass Pečica. When we descend from Pečica, we continue straight on the main road, until we come in the settlement Podplat. There already before the main crossroad at the smaller crossroad at signposts Kostrivnica we turn left and we continue on a smaller local road. Soon this road brings us to the settlement Kostrivnica or Zgornja Kostrivnica, which we recognize by the church on a hill. Then we park on an appropriate place, for example in front of the church or at a small store and inn in the center of the settlement.
Path description:
In the center of the settlement at the crossroad there is a signpost, which both left and right leads on Boč. We choose right direction (Sv. Lenart) and we follow an asphalt road past the primary school. At the next crossroad, we go straight and we follow the blazes, which still lead on the asphalt road into the forest. We soon get to the source of Kisla voda, past which we continue straight. At the source and ahead there are few more options for parking. Before the end of the forest blazes point us to the left to a smaller holiday cottage, above which we continue in the forest. In the forest there is hidden abandoned homestead, where we continue right and we follow beaten hiking path. When we get out of the forest we continue on the edge of a meadow, on which beaten path brings us to an asphalt road, at which there is a chapel and signpost. At the chapel, we continue left, and to the right we can rush to a shorter sightseeing of an old water mill (15 min in one direction, marked). So we follow the asphalt road to the left, until we join the other asphalt road, where we turn sharply right. Blazes soon point us to the left on access path, which a little before the house we leave so that we turn left and ascend through an old orchard. The path brings us to a smaller hamlet, where we bypass two houses and cross a macadam road and we continue on a cart track uphill. Steep cart track brings us to a meadow, on which there is water catchment Drevenik. Past it we continue straight past an abandoned farm into the forest. We follow the cart track to the juncture with an asphalt road at the sharp turn. Still before the road we turn sharply left on hiking path. Through the forest, we follow the path to a crossroad with the forest road, where we go straight, until we get to a meadow. We then follow nicely beaten path to the tree, below which there is a bench. Past it we continue straight on the path which leads in the forest. We soon come to a crossing, on which blazes point us to the right, and to the left we can turn, if we want to visit Dreveniška gora, secondary peak of Boč (10 min in one direction, unmarked).
After the turn to the right we follow the blazes to an asphalt road, we cross it and on the macadam road after 30 meters we turn left on the path Senčna pot. The path from the macadam immediately changes into a wide hiking path, which is at first lightly, and then steeper and steeper ascending. After few minutes of walking, we come from section, where the path becomes steeper and is ascending zig-zags. Here runs quite a lot of shortcuts, so we have to be careful, that we stick to the blazes. On this section there is also quite a lot of fallen trees, therefore even more caution is needed. Among the trees the path still in zig-zags leads to a smaller ridge, where we turn left and we continue on a path which slightly flattens. The path is all the time turning slightly to the right, until we get to the natural tunnel made of young trees, and then we turn left and we ascend on the upper ridge of Boč. Here we again turn left and on the top of the ridge we go on a well visible path, which is very rocky, therefore caution is needed here. After few minutes, we get to a lookout tower on the top of Boč.
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč1
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč2
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč3
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč4
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč5
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč6
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč7
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč8
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč9
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč10
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč11
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč12
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč13
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč14
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč15
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč16
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč17
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč18
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč19
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč20
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč21
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč22
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč23
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč24
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč25
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč26
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč27
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč28
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč29
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč30
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč31
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč32
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč33
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč34
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč35
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč36
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč37
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč38
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč39
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč40
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč41
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč42
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč43
Zgornja Kostrivnica - Boč44
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