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Mountain ranges / Greek islands / Agathias (Kreta)

Agathias (Kreta)

Country: Greece
Mountain range: Greek islands
Elevation: 2424 m / 7953 ft
Type: peak
Views: 207
Popularity: 11% (3004th place)
Number of pictures: 4
Number of paths: 1
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Agathias is a 2424 meter high mountain on the island of Crete in Greece (fourth highest on the island). Agathias, sometimes spelled Agkathias (gr. Αγκαθιάς) is situated just to the southeast of Timios Stavros / Psiloritis (highest peak on Crete island). The last 100 meters of altitude is an unmarked terrain. The summit is all nature, except for the remains of the trigonometrical point. The view from the top includes Timios Stavros, Aegean, and Lybian sea.
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Agathias (Kreta) Agathias (Kreta) Agathias (Kreta) Agathias (Kreta)
Nida - Agathias (Kreta)4 heasy marked way, difficult pathless terrain
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