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Mountain ranges / Greek islands / Ainos (Kefalonia)

Ainos (Kefalonia)

Country: Greece
Mountain range: Greek islands
Elevation: 1628 m / 5341 ft
Type: peak
Views: 161
Popularity: 9% (3058th place)
Number of pictures: 4
Number of paths: 1
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Ainos (Greek: Αίνος) is the highest mountain on the island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea, Greece, reaching a height of 1,628 meters (5,341 feet). Being located on an island, it automatically fulfills all the necessary criteria to be classified as an ultra mountain (i.e., a mandatory drop of at least 1,500 meters to any higher neighboring mountain).

On a clear day, the view from Ainos Mountain includes the surrounding islands, such as Zakynthos to the south, as well as Ithaca, Lefkada, and Meganisi to the north, along with mainland Greece to the east.

A National Park covers the upper part of the mountain.

In particular, the northern slopes of Mount Ainos are covered with the Kefalonian or Greek fir, known for its high-quality timber. This type of fir tree has been used for shipbuilding from ancient Greece, through the Roman era, to the Venetians (Greek: Abies cephalonica). (Source: Archaeological Museum in the town of Sami, June 2023).
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Ainos (Kefalonia) Ainos (Kefalonia) Ainos (Kefalonia) Ainos (Kefalonia)
Ainos National park - Ainos (Kefalonia) 30 mineasy marked way
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