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Hum above Laško

Country: Slovenia
Elevation: 583 m / 1913 ft
Type: peak
Weather forecast:
Views: 35,840
Popularity: 41% (1984th place)
Number of pictures: 6
Number of paths: 2
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
It is a pyramidal mountain, which is rising steeply above Laško on the left bank of Savinja and it is impossible to miss from wherever you come to Laško. From the top in good weather is a nice view, to the north in the distance we see Pohorje, if we turn clockwise we see at first Tovsti vrh, on the east the horizon is closing by nearby Borovec and Žikovsko brdo at the back and between them, there is Veliki vrh above Svetina. Towards the southeast and south we can see hills towards Kozjansko, Lisca, Veliko Kozje, and on the other side of Savinja there is a lower Stražnik, higher Kopitnik and even the chain of mountains, which end on Kovk. On the west there is Šmihel, a little further Ivškov hrib, even further Govško brdo, more to the left Jelenca, and right Špelc, Kal and Mrzlica. There is Pohorje then the horizon is closing with Tovsto, Gozdnik, Malič and a little at the back there is also Veliki Slomnik and Hom above Košnica.
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Hum above Laško Hum above Laško Hum above Laško Hum above Laško Hum above Laško Hum above Laško
Laško (at Tabor Castle) - Hum above Laško (through Zahum and on east ridge)1 h 10 mindifficult marked way
Laško (at Tabor Castle) - Hum above Laško (on west ridge) 35 minpartly demanding marked way
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