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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Planina Za Črno goro

Planina Za Črno goro

Country: Slovenia
Mountain range: Julian Alps
Elevation: 1340 m / 4396 ft
Type: mountain pasture
Weather forecast:
Views: 320,851
Popularity: 73% (925th place)
Number of pictures: 8
Number of paths: 6
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain pasture:
Planina Za Črno goro (also Ravharska planina or sometimes Ravenska planina) is medium-sized mountain pasture, which is situated below Kontni vrh or Šoštar, Rušni vrh and below the ridge Home. On the mountain pasture, above which is situated smaller source (source is located between the mountain pasture and the ridge Home, today there stands some old shepherd huts, which are mostly converted into a smaller holiday cottages. Mountain pasture is surrounded by ditches, which used to serve as drainage of water, which during the rain flowed in Bohinj tunnel and hindered railway traffic.
Surroundings within radius of km:
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Planina Za Črno goro Planina Za Črno goro Planina Za Črno goro Planina Za Črno goro Planina Za Črno goro Planina Za Črno goro Planina Za Črno goro Planina Za Črno goro
Ravne - Planina Za Črno goro1 h 40 mineasy marked way
Bohinjska Bistrica - Planina Za Črno goro2 h 15 mineasy marked way
Bohinjsko sedlo - Planina Za Črno goro3 h 20 mineasy marked way
Vrh Bače - Planina Za Črno goro1 h 30 mineasy marked way
Petrovo Brdo - Planina Za Črno goro3 heasy marked way
Podbrdo - Planina Za Črno goro (via Vrh Bače)3 h 45 mineasy marked way
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