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Podsreda castle

Country: Slovenia
Elevation: 475 m / 1558 ft
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Views: 809
Popularity: 20% (2659th place)
Number of pictures: 5
Number of paths: 1
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Description of mountain:
Podsreda castle (original German name Hörberg or Herberch) operator (Kozjanski park) promoted as "the most castle-like among Slovenian castles". Its beginnings probably date back to the 12th century, and it certainly existed as early as 1213, when it is first mentioned in written sources. Throughout history, it has changed quite a few owners (mdr. Counts of Celje, Habsburgs... and at the end the Windisch-Graetz, when it got today’s appearance), until it was nationalized after the end of World War II. In 1983, the Trebče Memorial Park took over the management, the legal predecessor of today's Kozjansko Park, and immediately began a systematic restoration. Today in the castle there are several permanent and temporary exhibitions, and in the western tract there is a hotel.

The castle is located on the northern slope of Orlica, about 130 meters above Podsreda. From Podsreda it can be reached on foot on the path Grajska pot or on the road past Železno. Past castle lead E6 European long distance path (section between Svete gore and Pečine), Zasavje long distance trail etc.
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Podsreda castle Podsreda castle Podsreda castle Podsreda castle Podsreda castle
Podsreda - Podsreda castle (Grajska pot) 40 mineasy marked way
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