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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Tolminski Migovec

Tolminski Migovec

Country: Slovenia
Mountain range: Julian Alps
Elevation: 1868 m / 6129 ft
Type: peak
Weather forecast:
Views: 432,414
Popularity: 84% (537th place)
Number of pictures: 8
Number of paths: 2
Number of GPS tracks: 1
Description of mountain:
Tolminski Migovec is 1881 meters high mountain. Its western slope above the valley of Tolminka is the most steep and scenic. South slope is at first grassy, where there is also mountain pasture Kal, then dwarf pined and towards the summit rocky. From the east, and much more from the north are exposed its diverse upper slopes, which are from the peak stretching towards Tolminski Kuk or falling into hollows below Škrbina. The peak is domed, a look reaches all the way to Tolmin on the south, on the west we have a view on Krn mountain chain, towards the north on Tolminski Kuk (2086 meters), and towards the east on Vogel (1923 meters), Rušnati vrh (1915 meters) and on Vrh nad Škrbino (2054 meters)
Below Tolminski Migovec we find currently longest cave system in Slovenia with name Votla gora, which with more than 25 km of explored tunnels took the leading position from Postojna cave with "only" 20 km of connected caves. On Migovec there is also many abysses, which are possible new entrances into the cave, so that caution on pathless terrains is more than welcomed.
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Tolminski Migovec Tolminski Migovec Tolminski Migovec Tolminski Migovec Tolminski Migovec Tolminski Migovec Tolminski Migovec Tolminski Migovec
Tolminske Ravne - Tolminski Migovec2 h 45 mineasy marked way
Čadrg - Tolminski Migovec3 h 30 minpartly demanding marked way
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