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Country: Slovenia
Elevation: 738 m / 2421 ft
Type: peak, church
Weather forecast:
Views: 1,043
Popularity: 17% (2369th place)
Number of pictures: 4
Number of paths: 1
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Žamboh is the main hill in the ridge, which is stretching on the right bank of river Sava, between Pasjek (turn-off for Polšnik) and Renke by the main road which runs from Litija to Zagorje. Ridge has three survey points: at the church of St. Lovrenc (698 meters), Žamboh (738 meters) and the highest peak Kleviška Špica (791 meters).
On Žamboh the locals prefer the trip to hill, on which there is church of St. Lovrenc, on the window there is also a box with an inscription book. The other two mentioned hills are on the top less distinct, on the top they are forested and without any inscription books or stamps. It is better to visit Žamboh in time, when the forest and trees don't have leaves, because then it offers a better view, because of the nature of the terrain, it is best to go on this trip in dry weather.
The path, except from the village Tepe and to the church of St. Lovrenc doesn't have any blazes, we have to follow the ridges, deer and hunting paths and we have to use some ingenuity and orientation logic when walking on cart tracks. It isn't possible to walk the path circularly, at least one part we have to walk twice, if we want start and end at the same spot.
Easier and shorter variants for the ascent are from the south side, but more interesting and harder and orientationally demanding are accesses on the three distinct rocky ridges. Most of the lonely rocky peaks on those ridges it is possible to bypass (but not all!). If you stick to the ridge ascent, you will be surprised, that on some some parts we have to do some serious climbing (Špeglovec, northern ridge below Žamboh and northern eastern ridge below Kleviška Špica).
There are several possible starting points for Žamboh, usually we visit one or two of the hills from the south side (from the village Tepe), and from river Sava from the north side the paths are appropriate for more experienced mountaineers, the beginning is usually in Pasjek, or in Renk, or along the dry riverbed of the stream Blejak upwards.
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