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Mountain ranges / Posavsko hribovje and Dolenjska / Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina) / Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)

Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)

Starting point: Čemšenik (670 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.1802°N 14.9451°E 
Time of walking: 1 h 30 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: partly demanding
Altitude difference: 534 m
Altitude difference (by path): 534 m
Map: Posavsko hribovje - zahodni del 1:50.000
Views: 31,721
Trip rating: 4 votes
Number of pictures: 30
Access to starting point:
From highway Ljubljana - Celje we go to the exit Trojane. Further, we continue in the direction of Zagorje and the road then runs through the tunnel V Zideh after which we will get to the spot, where the road towards the village Šentgotard branches off to the left upwards. At the end of the village Šentgotard we come to a crossroad, where we continue right in the direction of village Čemšenik (left - Prvine). The road then runs through the village Dobrljevo behind which we come to Čemšenik, where by the road we notice mountain signposts for Čemšeniška planina. Here we turn left steeply upwards and we follow the road above the village, where we park on a smaller parking lot by the road.
From Zagorje we drive through Kisovec towards Trojane. In the village Izlake we turn right (direction Čemšenik and Jesenovo) and we follow the road to a crossroad left Čemšenik, right Jesenovo. Here we turn left and when by the road we notice signposts for Čemšeniška planina we turn right steeply upwards and we follow the road above the village, where we park on a smaller parking lot by the road.
Path description:
From the church, we continue towards the west, and then we go from the nearby crossroad right in the direction of organic apples (bio jabolka). Next follows a steep ascent, at the end of the village, and at the water storage, the asphalt ends. A little further, at the smaller crossroad we go left, and after a short ascent signpost for Čemšeniška planina points us right on a marked footpath which ascends through the forest. After that, the path already after few minutes crosses a cart track and only few steps further joins the forest road. The road which is moderately ascending we follow only a short time, to the spot where blazes point us to the left on a steep cart track. After few meters of the ascent on a cart track, we will on the left side of the path notice a small well. Often a quite muddy cart track after ten minutes ascent brings us to a clearing, which we cross on a poorly visible path, which is on the other side well visible. Here from the right side, the path from Kisovec and Zagorje joins. We still continue on a cart track which makes two sharp turns and then on a smaller clearing turns into a footpath. The path ahead becomes pretty steep and in a diagonal ascent, which lasts approximately 30 minutes brings us to the spot, where we join the path from Prvine. The path ahead runs by the edge of a steep meadow of Čemšeniška planina, from which beautiful views opening up mainly towards Kum. Next follows few minutes of walking by the edge of a steep meadow and then we get to the spot, where a cargo cableway crosses the mountain path. Here we carefully cross cableway and in doing so, we have to be careful, that with head we don't hit into a steel cable. On the other side of the cableway, we already notice a mountain hut, which we reach in few steps.
From the mountain hut, we continue forward towards the east on the path which at first runs by the edge of a steep meadow and then goes into the forest. The path through the forest is then only slowly ascending and after 15 minutes of walking from the mountain hut brings us to the inscription box only few steps below the summit.
On the way: Koča na Čemšeniški planini mountain hut (1120m)
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)1
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)2
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)3
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)4
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)5
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)6
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)7
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)8
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)9
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)10
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)11
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)12
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)13
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)14
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)15
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)16
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)17
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)18
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)19
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)20
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)21
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)22
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)23
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)24
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)25
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)26
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)27
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)28
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)29
Čemšenik - Črni vrh (Čemšeniška planina)30
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