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Mountain ranges / Škofjeloško, Cerkljansko hribovje and Jelovica / Dom na Poreznu / Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu (via Labinjske lehe)

Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu (via Labinjske lehe)

Starting point: Cerkno (325 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.1308°N 13.9873°E 
Path name: via Labinjske lehe
Time of walking: 4 h 15 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 1265 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1365 m
Map: Škofjeloško in Cerkljansko hribovje 1:50.000
Views: 221
Trip rating: 3 votes
Number of pictures: 70
Access to starting point:
A) From regional road Idrija - Tolmin, at settlement Straža in hamlet Želin at the traffic light crossroad we turn right in the direction of Cerkno (if we come from the direction Tolmin we turn left). Further, we drive through the valley of river Cerknica, past Petrol gas station all the way to Cerkno, where at the crossroad behind the church of St. Jernej (by the church is also a cemetery and a parking lot) we continue left in the direction of Železniki, ski slope Cerkno, hospital Franja and center of Cerkno. At the next marked crossroad we continue left in the direction of the settlement Zakojca and Gorje. If we haven't park in front of the church we can do this a little further from NOB monument on one of the parking lots in Cerkno.
B) From the road Škofja Loka - Žiri, after the settlement Trebija we turn right in the direction of Sovodenj and Cerkno (from the direction Žiri still before Trebija we turn left), from where we at first drive in Sovodenj, and from there over mountain pass Kladje (mountain pass is located in the settlement Podlanišče) we start descending towards Cerkno. In Cerkno at the first larger crossroad we continue straight (right we come in the center of the town and to the church of St. Ana), after that in second, about 300 meters ahead we turn right in the direction of Železniki, ski slope Cerkno, hospital Franja and center of Cerkno. At the next marked crossroad we continue left in the direction of the settlement Zakojca and Gorje and then we park on one of the parking lots in Cerkno.
C) From the road Škofja Loka - Podbrdo, at settlement Zali Log we continue left in the direction of Davča and ski slope Cerkno (if we come from the direction Podbrdo or Soriška planina, at the end of the settlement, we continue right). The road ahead at first ascends on Davča, and from there it starts descending towards Cerkno. In the center of Cerkno, at post office we turn right, and then a little after monument NOB we park on an appropriate place.
Path description:
From the center of Cerkno we continue in the direction of Zakojca and Gorje, where we walk on a sidewalk, at NOB monument we go right through the bridge over the stream Zapoška. We continue on street Jerebova ulica, where we go past hair salon Monika, and then signs for Trebenče and hospital Franja point us to the left on a narrower street (Pot na Brce). When on the right opens a passage on a paved path, we continue there, and we ascend above Cerkno, and we are accompanied by a paved path all the way to bigger NOB monument.
Behind the monument we continue on a cart track which ascends on a partly grassy slope, and after the transmitters, we reach an asphalt road. We continue straight on at first still asphalted road which higher brings us to another house. Behind the house, we continue on a marked hiking path, and a little further we on the right side bypass another house. We continue uphill in the direction of hospital Franja, and the path for some time leads through the forest. When we leave the forest we continue left and on a cart track we ascend to the settlement Labinje, where the path splits.
We continue left in the direction of Porezen (right downwards - hospital Franja), and from the road we go only a little further right and we diagonally ascend on a shorter steeper slope. After two minutes of ascent, the path flattens and we cross an asphalt road and we continue in the direction of Porezen, and the path leads us by the yard of the nearby house. The path ahead leads us on a cart track, and at the smaller crossing, we go slightly right, and behind the fence, the path passes into the forest and gradually changes into a mountain path. Next follows a little longer diagonal ascent, and when we reach the macadam road, we for few steps follow it to the right, and then blazes point us to the left on a cart track which returns into the forest. Through the forest at the crossings we follow the blazes, and the path higher becomes steeper and crosses a macadam road. A little further, we once again reach the macadam road, and after two successive crossings, where at first the path from Poče joins, and few steps ahead also the path from Dolenji Novaki, we follow the signs for Porezen.
After the crossing, we immediately leave the forest and we get to meadows Labinjske lehe, from where a nice view opens up on Cerkljansko, and the view reaches all the way to Krim, Snežnik and Trnovski gozd.
On the upper part of meadow path turns slightly left and passes on slopes named Počanska gora. Next follows light to moderate diagonal ascent towards the left, and we walk on a well-settled path, which is on short steep spot also well-secured and in dry undemanding.
After secured part path splits, and we continue on the bottom path (right winter route), which continues to ascend diagonally. Later slope becomes steeper, and the path with the help of log stairs for some time steeply ascends. The path quickly flattens and we reach the ridge of Hom, where from the right side joins the path from the ski slope Cerkno.
We continue in the direction of Porezen and we quickly descend to a saddle Velbnik, where on the left we notice a hunting cottage Lovska koča na Šašu.
From the saddle Velbnik, where we get quite close to a forest road which leads to the mountain hut Dom na Poreznu, we ascend through a narrow lane of a forest and then at the crossing of grazing fence path splits.
We continue on the path which is ascending (the left path bypasses the peak Medrce and isn't marked, but it is slightly shorter, and it leads further towards Porezen), and there in 10 minutes we ascend on a panoramic peak Medrce, from where a nice view opens up on Porezen.
From the top, we descend on a poorly visible footpath which is descending towards the northwest and after 5 minutes of descent brings us to a marked crossing, where from the left joins an already mentioned unmarked path and steep path from Poče. A little further from the left joins also gentle path from Poče, and from the right joins the path from Davča.
We continue in the direction of Porezen and further we are ascending on the more and more panoramic southeastern ridge. This path we then follow to the peak of Porezen, from which a nice view opens up also on Julian Alps.
From the top, we continue right and on a path which from the ridge passes on a slope, and in less than 5 minutes we descend to the mountain hut.
Cerkno - Labinje 1:00, Labinje - Labinjske lehe 1:00, Labinjske lehe - Velbnik 1:15, Velbnik - Medrce 0:10, Medrce - Porezen 0:45, Porezen - Dom na Poreznu 0:05.
Description and pictures refer to a condition in July 2020 and October 2018.
On the way: Labinjske lehe (962m), Labinje (628m), Velbnik (1331m), Medrce (1410m), Porezen (1630m)
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu1
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu2
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu3
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu4
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu5
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu6
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu7
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu8
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu9
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu10
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu11
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu12
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu13
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu14
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu15
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu16
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu17
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu18
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu19
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu20
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu21
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu22
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu23
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu24
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu25
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu26
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu27
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu28
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu29
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu30
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu31
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu32
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu33
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu34
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu35
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu36
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu37
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu38
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu39
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu40
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu41
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu42
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu43
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu44
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu45
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu46
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu47
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu48
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu49
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu50
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu51
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu52
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu53
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu54
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu55
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu56
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu57
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu58
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu59
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu60
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu61
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu62
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu63
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu64
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu65
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu66
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu67
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu68
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu69
Cerkno - Dom na Poreznu70
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