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Mountain ranges / Pohorje, Dravinjske gorice and Haloze / Sveti Avguštin / Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin (old pilgrimage path)

Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin (old pilgrimage path)

Starting point: Cvetlin (325 m)
Path name: old pilgrimage path
Time of walking: 50 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 179 m
Altitude difference (by path): 200 m
Author: čarli.si
Views: 1,554
Trip rating: 2 votes
Number of pictures: 13
Access to starting point:
The starting point is by the road Ptuj - Trakoščan. More precisely between border crossings Leskovec and Cvetlin on the top of the mountain pass below the church.
Path description:
Majority of this path runs on Croatian territory, therefore the documents are mandatory.
From the parking lot, we ascend on the stairs and we continue on a marked path among vineyards. At the second crossroad we continue straight, on the road towards the forest (photo), we then continue on a forest path and we again come on the road from Cvetlin, where quickly our path branches off to the right (by the path there is a signpost, so that we can't miss the turn-off). We continue on a forest path, which is slowly ascending to Gorica, where there are remains of unfinished church. Immediately after this, we turn left, again in the forest on the path "Janezeva staza". In the winter on this part when the snow is icy, it is dangerous for slipping. Further already out of the forest among the trees we see our destination.
From the top of the hill is a nice view towards the nearby and distant surroundings.
Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin1
Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin2
Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin3
Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin4
Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin5
Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin6
Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin7
Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin8
Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin9
Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin10
Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin11
Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin12
Cvetlin - Sveti Avguštin13
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