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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Lopa / D station - Lopa

D station - Lopa

Starting point: D station (2202 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.3326°N 13.5384°E 
Destination: Lopa (2406 m)
Time of walking: 2 h 15 min
Difficulty: very difficult pathless terrain
Difficulty of skiing: demanding
Altitude difference: 204 m
Altitude difference (by path): 425 m
Map: Julijske Alpe - zahodni del 1:50.000
Views: 2,211
Trip rating: 2 votes
Number of pictures: 79
Access to starting point:
A) First, we drive to Kranjska Gora, and then we continue driving through the mountain pass Vršič or over Italy and then through the mountain pass Predel towards Bovec. When we get to Bovec on bypass road we drive past center, and then on the other side of the settlement right towards the nearby gas station. At the gas station, we turn left and we ascend to the nearby parking lot by the bottom station of the cable car on Kanin. Then we buy a ticket and go with a cableway to D station on Kanin.
B) First, we drive to Tolmin, and then we continue driving towards Bovec. At the beginning Bovec we leave the main road and we continue driving straight towards the center of the settlement. Towards center we drive only few 10 meters and then at the gas station, we turn sharply left on an ascending road, on which we quickly get to the parking lot by the bottom station of the cable car. Then we buy a ticket and go with a cableway to D station on Kanin.
Path description:
From D station at first in a gentle ascent, we walk to the near bottom station of four-seater chairlift Prevala, and from there we continue right in the direction of Prestreljenik and Rombon. The path ahead leads us by the four-seater chairlift and is ascending by the edge of the ski track. Higher, we get to a saddle Sedlo, where there is a midway station of four-seater chairlift Prevala and where on the left is a turn-off of the path on Prestreljenik (2499 meters).
From the saddle Sedlo, we short time continue on a ski track, which is descending towards the saddle Prevala, and then we continue slightly left on a marked footpath which continues on the left side of ski track (possible is also to continue on a ski track). The path which is then moderately to occasionally steeply descending, leads us past some large abysses, after that for some time flattens. Further, the path turns a little to the left and gradually passes on steeper slopes, which are on some spots slightly exposed. Lower, the path turns sharply to the right and with the help of a steel cable descends to a crossing on the saddle Prevala.
From Prevala, on which there is a crossing of five paths we continue slightly left and we start ascending on a ski slope towards the upper station of Italian cable car. Here from the path at first a nice view opens up towards the west, after that also towards the north where there are clearly visible Montaž and Viš. When the path on a ski slope turns to the right from the left also the path 536 from the saddle Nevejsko sedlo (Sella Nevea) joins. Only a short ascent follows to the upper cableway station.
At the upper station of the cable car we go left on an unmarked footpath which crosses scree on the northern slopes towards the east. The path at first in a gentle ascent crosses slopes below the northern walls of the ridge Vršiči pod Lopo (Monte Golovec). When we come on northwestern side of the mentioned ridge on the right a view opens up towards the notch Forca sopra Medon. We still continue on a footpath which crosses slopes towards the east. The footpath which then occasionally also ascends a little we follow all the way to the notch on the eastern side of the peak Lopa.
Approximately 10 meters before the notch (first a little easier passage from the saddle on the north side) we go right upward towards the ridge. After an initial very short ascent terrain slightly flattens and in front of us, we will notice a short gully. On this part there's also some gravel on the slope. We go straight towards the mentioned gully. After only few meters of the ascent on gully we continue left on a ledge.
When we are on the mentioned ledge we have two options. We can already after a few meters of crossing on the ledge, go right and few meters of climbing to the ridge follows. If we go right on the right spot difficulty of climbing doesn't exceed 1st grade. The second option is that on the mentioned ledge we continue to cross so that we come on the south side of the ridge. On the south side where the slope is a little covered with grass for a short time, we still cross a steep slope below the ridge. When the slope above us becomes a little less steep we go right on a ridge.
Further, we walk on the ridge and ascent for some time becomes less demanding. While walking on a panoramic ridge we also have some help from the cairns. A little higher we come again to more steep slopes. In the initial part of the steep slopes we stick to the left side, after that approximately on the halfway we cross a steep slope, which is partly covered with grass to the right. For orientation we also get some help from the few cairns. Next a short steep ascent follows and then we continue to the left and soon we again reach the ridge.
Further then we all the time walk on a ridge all the way to a scenic summit. In the last part of the ridge there's few very short steep ascents, which don't cause any bigger problems.
We descend on the ascent route.
For less experienced on the harder parts belaying with a rope is recommended.
D station - Prevala 0:45, Prevala - Lopa 1:30.
On the way: Sedlo (2282m), Prevala (2067m)
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