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Mountain ranges / Kamnik Savinja Alps / Strelovec / Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec (via Plesnikova planina)

Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec (via Plesnikova planina)

Starting point: Hotel Plesnik (760 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.3946°N 14.6301°E 
Destination: Strelovec (1763 m)
Path name: via Plesnikova planina
Time of walking: 3 h 30 min
Difficulty: partly demanding marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 1003 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1105 m
Map: Kamniške in Savinjske Alpe 1:50.000
Views: 2,800
Trip rating: 2 votes
Number of pictures: 77
Access to starting point:
First, we drive to valley Logarska dolina (entrance fee for a car 7 eur (July 2016)), and then we drive to a crossroad, where signs for Hotel Plesnik point us slightly to the left (slightly right waterfall Rinka). From the crossroad, we drive for few 100 meters and then we park on a parking lot near the hotel.
Path description:
From the parking lot, we continue on a narrower asphalt road which past the tree Plesnik elm in few minutes brings us to the farm house Ojstrica, where we continue left in the direction of the mountain pasture Plesnikova planina, Strelovec and mountain hut Koča na Klemenči jami (path through Plesnikova planina). A little further, we get to Tourist Farm Plesnik, and a little further also to the end of the public road at business building, where red signposts point us to the right on a cart track, on which with nice views, we ascend to the forest. At the nearby crossing of cart tracks we continue left and then we follow the blazes, which on quite an overgrown path take us to a wider macadam road. On the road, we walk to a right turn, there we look for further marked path. The marked path, which is recently quite overgrown, little higher returns on the road, and on the road we walk to a crossroad, where we continue right. Some 10 strides after the crossroad blazes lead left, on a shorter ladder, behind it we step on an overgrown path. Higher, we few times cross a further rough road, and the path on which we walk is on some clearings entirely overgrown and among bushes hard to follow. Higher a few times a nice view opens up on peaks above the valley Logarska dolina, and we cross few more cart tracks, and then past a trough with water we step out of the forest on the bottom part of the mountain pasture Plesnikova planina. When we step out of the forest, a short ascent follows and we get to the cottage Plesnikov stan on Plesnikova planina.
From the mountain pasture Plesnikova planina we continue left in the direction of Strelovec (right mountain hut Koča na Klemenči jami), where the path at first leads on the eastern part of the mountain pasture, where by the entrance into the forest, we notice a footpath, which diagonally continues through the forest. When we are in the forest, we cross a gently sloping cart track, and then follows few steps long descent to a more distinct cart track which we only cross, but the continuation of the footpath is a little harder to find. Soon after we leave the cart track a little overgrown path leads through a smaller gully, after that for some time crosses slopes towards the north, and then the path starts turning right and is getting closer to the second gully. A descent into a mentioned gully is quite dangerous, because slippery path leads on a slightly exposed slope relatively steeply downwards. On the other side, we leave the gully without problems, and after a shorter ascent, we reach the next cart track. On the cart track, we are for a short time ascending, and then blazes point us slightly to the left on a marked footpath, which starts getting closer to the next torrent gully. A descent into a mentioned gully is easy, we reach it right on some sort of "confluence". The path continues by the left gully, and the ascent from there is a little clumsy, because footpath steeply ascends from it, and then it quickly flattens and it turns left, where in few minutes we reach a marked crossing, where we join the path over Rkljeva peč.
We continue right in the direction of Strelovec on at first moderately steep path, which soon becomes much steeper and is few minutes quite steeply ascending. The footpath quickly flattens, and then in a moderate ascent brings us to the cottage Icmanikov stan, after which we step on a cart track. On the cart track or parallel mountain path in five minutes we ascend to a saddle and a crossing on the mountain pasture Icmanikova planina, over which leads a relatively new forest road and from which a nice view opens up.
From the crossing on the mountain pasture, we continue right (left Logarska peč 5 minutes, straight on the forest road we get to the farm Knez) on an indistinct ridge, on which we continue a gentle ascent. At first, we are ascending parallel with a newer road which is right below us, and then the path is becoming increasingly steep and gradually it goes away from the road. Steep path higher brings us to a poorly visible crossing, which is situated in a lane of lush vegetation, and we continue to the left, slightly less beaten footpath, which ascends towards the ridge of Strelovec northeast from the peak (right path crosses slopes towards the right and reaches the ridge of Strelovec southwest from the peak, the latter path there is for about 15 minutes longer). When we reach the ridge, we continue right and we in few steps ascend on a panoramic peak.
Hotel Plesnik - Plesnikova planina 1:30, Plesnikova planina - Icmanikova planina 1:15, Icmanikova planina - Strelovec 45 minutes.
On the way: Plesnikova planina (1319m), Icmanikova planina (1520m)
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec1
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec2
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec3
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec4
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec5
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec6
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Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec21
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Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec29
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec30
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec31
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec32
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec33
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec34
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec35
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec36
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Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec39
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec40
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec41
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec42
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec43
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec44
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec45
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec46
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec47
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec48
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec49
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec50
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec51
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec52
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec53
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec54
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec55
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec56
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec57
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec58
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec59
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec60
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec61
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec62
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec63
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec64
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec65
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec66
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec67
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec68
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Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec72
Hotel Plesnik - Strelovec73
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