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Mountain ranges / Kamnik Savinja Alps / Mali Grintovec / Mače - Mali Grintovec (through valley of Suha)

Mače - Mali Grintovec (through valley of Suha)

Starting point: Mače (600 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.3131°N 14.4187°E 
Path name: through valley of Suha
Time of walking: 3 h 15 min
Difficulty: easy pathless terrain
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 1213 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1213 m
Map: Karavanke - osrednji del 1:50.000
Views: 6,198
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 55
Access to starting point:
From highway Ljubljana - Jesenice we go to the exit Kranj - east and follow the road ahead in the direction of Jezersko, but only to the village Tupaliče. Here a sign for Preddvor points us left and then we follow the road in the direction of neighbouring village Mače. Through the village Mače we stick to mountain signposts for Kališče. Soon after the village we will notice a marked parking lot, where we park (further driving is forbidden).
Path description:
From the parking lot, we continue in the direction of Kališče and we continue on for public traffic closed forest road. The road which is relatively steeply ascending, after good 20 minutes of walking, it brings us to a marked crossing, where normal path on Kališče branches off to the left, and we go right and we continue on a worse forest road. Only a little higher we come to the bottom station of the cargo cableway, which runs on Kališče, the road then gradually changes into a wide cart track.
We follow a marked cart track for some time, after it splits into two parts, we continue on the left wider unmarked cart track (by the crossing is situated cairn). We continue the ascent on the mentioned cart track which is steeply ascending on lane of unvegetated slopes. Higher, the cart track ends, and we continue on easy to follow, but quite steep path, which higher passes into a dense forest. Next follows approximately 20 minutes of ascent and we join the marked path, which we follow to the left.
We follow the marked path only few 10 meters and then just before a marked path turns sharply to the left, we leave it and we continue the ascent straight on a barely visible footpath. The footpath in the forest quickly vanishes, and we continue in the same direction. The path then out of the forest quickly brings us on gravel covered with dwarf pines, on and by which we are ascending towards the saddle Mačensko sedlo. Even though is "path" on some spots hard to follow, there aren't any bigger problems with orientation, because of all the time we continue in the same direction (so towards the saddle between Bašeljski vrh and Mali Grintovec). Higher, we have to get through a short lane of dwarf pines, but passage isn't that difficult, because through the mentioned part is clearly visible, otherwise entirely overgrown footpath. Further, the path brings us out of dwarf pines and after few steps of additional walking, we get to a saddle Mačensko sedlo, where we again step on a marked path.
We follow the path to the right, and it starts relatively steeply ascending on the western slope of Mali Grintovec. After approximately half an hour of walking from the saddle Mačensko sedlo we come at the marked crossing, where from the right side, the path from Dolga njiva joins. We continue left and after few 10 strides of additional walking, we get to the top of Mali Grintovec.
On the way: Mačensko sedlo (1615m)
Mače - Mali Grintovec1
Mače - Mali Grintovec2
Mače - Mali Grintovec3
Mače - Mali Grintovec4
Mače - Mali Grintovec5
Mače - Mali Grintovec6
Mače - Mali Grintovec7
Mače - Mali Grintovec8
Mače - Mali Grintovec9
Mače - Mali Grintovec10
Mače - Mali Grintovec11
Mače - Mali Grintovec12
Mače - Mali Grintovec13
Mače - Mali Grintovec14
Mače - Mali Grintovec15
Mače - Mali Grintovec16
Mače - Mali Grintovec17
Mače - Mali Grintovec18
Mače - Mali Grintovec19
Mače - Mali Grintovec20
Mače - Mali Grintovec21
Mače - Mali Grintovec22
Mače - Mali Grintovec23
Mače - Mali Grintovec24
Mače - Mali Grintovec25
Mače - Mali Grintovec26
Mače - Mali Grintovec27
Mače - Mali Grintovec28
Mače - Mali Grintovec29
Mače - Mali Grintovec30
Mače - Mali Grintovec31
Mače - Mali Grintovec32
Mače - Mali Grintovec33
Mače - Mali Grintovec34
Mače - Mali Grintovec35
Mače - Mali Grintovec36
Mače - Mali Grintovec37
Mače - Mali Grintovec38
Mače - Mali Grintovec39
Mače - Mali Grintovec40
Mače - Mali Grintovec41
Mače - Mali Grintovec42
Mače - Mali Grintovec43
Mače - Mali Grintovec44
Mače - Mali Grintovec45
Mače - Mali Grintovec46
Mače - Mali Grintovec47
Mače - Mali Grintovec48
Mače - Mali Grintovec49
Mače - Mali Grintovec50
Mače - Mali Grintovec51
Mače - Mali Grintovec52
Mače - Mali Grintovec53
Mače - Mali Grintovec54
Mače - Mali Grintovec55
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