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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Veliki vrh (Polovnik) / Magozd - Veliki vrh (Polovnik)

Magozd - Veliki vrh (Polovnik)

Starting point: Magozd (450 m)
Time of walking: 5 h 30 min
Difficulty: partly demanding unmarked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 1318 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1415 m
Map: Quo 25K, Julijske Alpe - zahodni del 1:50.000
Author: dusko23
Views: 15,288
Trip rating: 5 votes
Number of pictures: 18
Access to starting point:
To Magozd we come from the direction of Drežnica and then, when the asphalt ends, we drive 300 meters more on a macadam and we park below bushy linden tree (it is worth to park the way that the car will be in the shade when we come back).
Path description:
From the starting point, we go on a macadam in the direction of Trnovo (ob Soči). After a little less than 500 meters we turn slightly to the right on a grassy path. And soon once again on the right branch. We are on a mule track, which leads us to the top. Mostly through the beech forest, where the views will all the time opening up on Soča and Trnovo.
After 1.600 meters from the beginning of the path, we find ourselves in front of the torrent Globoščak, which we cross it and on the opposite bank we look for further path. It all the time leads upwards. At the altitude 1100 meters on our left by the path appears hunting cottage LD Drežnica, firmly attached on rock. In front of the hunting cottage there is a rocky ledge with a nice view towards the valley of Soča and village Trnovo. At the altitude 1200 meters we step out of the forest. To mountain pasture Dolec we have to overcome 200 more meters of altitude difference. Entrance on the mountain pasture Dolec offers a nice view towards Pirhovec (1663 meters) on the left Veliki vrh (1764 meters) on the right. Here we witnessed a rare scene of flight of flock of vultures. First six and after them four more. They were peacefully gliding from the direction of Krasji Vrh (1768 meters) on Veliki Polovnik (1471 meters). At preperaton on the path we were relying on aerial photos, which very clearly show course of the path on the mountain pasture Dolenc.
But in August is vegetation so lush, and visitors rare, that often we only sense, where runs the mule track. Several times we cross it also because on some spots, it is densely overgrown with low beech forest, where a lot of trees are literally placed horizontal in climbing over trunks is quite strenuous.
Veliki vrh treats us with a great view on amphitheater of Bovec mountains. Visibility is just good enough, that view reaches to Triglav, which is distant little more than 22 kilometers. Just before the start of descent we notice, that vultures are coming back. They fly much lower, some of them just by the rocks, lower than us. Really beautiful scene sliding giants, which measure more than 2 meters across the wings. We can see also glare looks, they must be hungry. A look there by the precipitous wall below the summit raises a feeling of discomfort. The path downwards exposes some spots, where the footpath above steep slope narrows quite a lot.
The use of hiking poles comes in handy.
For the ascent on Veliki vrh we needed good five hours and a half.
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