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Mountain ranges / High Tauern / Jamnigalm / Mallnitz - Jamnigalm (Rupertiweg)

Mallnitz - Jamnigalm (Rupertiweg)

Starting point: Mallnitz (1191 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.98182°N 13.17603°E 
Destination: Jamnigalm (1750 m)
Path name: Rupertiweg
Time of walking: 2 h 30 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 559 m
Altitude difference (by path): 585 m
Views: 369
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 48
Access to starting point:
Arriving by train to Mallnitz is a good option because you can walk over the mountains to the other side of the Hohe Taurn mountain range and return by train through the Tauern Railway Tunnel, which is the longest tunnel of the Tauern Railway system with the length of 8371 meters. The train is also used for a motor vehicles transport between Mallnitz and Bad Gastein. An alternative option by road is 178 kilometres long.

Information for arriving by car:
Drive to Spittal an der Drau and take an exit for Lienz. Follow the regional road via Lendorf, after which drive a few kilometres and then take a right turn in the direction Möllbrücke, Mühldorf and Obervellach. Soon after Obervellach turn right in the direction Mallnitz. In Mallnitz park at a railway station (with motorail connection with Bad Gastein via 8371 m long Tauern tunnel).
Path description:
Exit the train station (Hauptbahnhof Mallnitz) and follow a road to Mallnitz for 100 meters. Before a stream Seebach turn right to a footpath (also marked with "Via Alpina" signs). Walk along the stream until you reach the first houses of Malnitz. Cross the first bridge and turn right. After reaching the main road in Mallnitz continue to the crossroads with many green signposts and follow the left road with signs Jamnigalm and Hagener Hütte.

Follow the road out of Mallnitz. When reaching the last houses of this side of Mallnitz, turn right and ascend to a footpath (a less attractive alternative is to follow the road). The footpath will lead you through the forest at about 50 meters of altitude above the road, however you may only occasionally glimpse the road below. Since this path is also used for a nice summer walks just outside of the city, there are many benches and points of interest along the way. Follow the signs for Jamnihalm or Stockerhütte. Keep left at one point when the path is not marked. After that you will reach the road again. Cross the road and the path in the forest will begin to ascend more steeply. Soon the path to Stockerhütte will branch away (i.e. a hut near a boom gate and ticket machine). Follow a wide path and signs for Jamnigalm or a path number 110. The forest will thin and the slopes will get steeper. The path will lead you to a dusty road, follow it for 5 minutes until you reach Jamnigalm.
On the way: Seebach (1191m), Stockerhütte (1290m)
Trip can be extended to: Hagener Hütte (2 h 30 min) , Greilkopf (3 h) , Dr. Rudolf Weißgerber Biwak (bivouac) (3 h) , Westerfrölkekogel (3 h 30 min) , Feldseekopf (3 h 40 min) , Hinterer Geißlkopf , Vordere Geislspitze / Vorderer Gesselkopf
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm1
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm2
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm3
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm4
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm5
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Mallnitz - Jamnigalm7
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm8
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm9
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm10
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm11
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm12
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm13
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm14
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm15
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm16
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm17
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm18
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm19
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm20
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm21
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm22
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm23
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm24
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm25
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm26
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm27
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm28
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm29
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm30
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm31
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm32
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm33
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm34
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm35
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm36
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm37
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm38
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm39
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm40
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm41
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm42
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm43
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm44
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm45
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm46
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm47
Mallnitz - Jamnigalm48
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