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Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju

Starting point: Osredek (754 m)
Time of walking: 2 h 30 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: -394 m
Altitude difference (by path): 200 m
Map: Ljubljana - okolica 1:50.000
Author: žan1
Views: 3,697
Trip rating: 4 votes
Number of pictures: 32
Access to starting point:
From Cerknica we continue driving in the direction of the settlement Begunje pri Cerknici. We drive on the road 643. Then we come in the village Selšček, which is known after painter master Maksim Gasparij. We continue through Selšček and at the end of the village, we drive approximately 350 meters. At the crossroad, we turn right (signpost Cajnarje). We drive through the village Topol pri Begunjah and we stick to the right side. When we come through the village topol we continue driving on the main road (if we come on a macadam we've missed!). Then will be first village Cajnarje, we go through Cajnarje, over a bridge and in Hruškarje (we stick to the right). We drive past the fire station (PGD Cajnarje). From fire station to the next crossroad is approximately 200 meters, here we turn right (signpost Sveti Vid). Here the path starts rising, driving will become more winding, we have to pay attention to cars, buses, trucks, tractors... Then we come in the village Bečaje, and again in the village Hruškarje. We drive on the main road to Sveti Vid. When we come in Sveti Vid we drive straight on the main road, where we will after 500 meters (from the beginning of sign Sveti Vid), turn right signpost Osredek. We continue to Osredek. We will drive past village Zala. From Sveti Vid to Osredek is 6 km. We leave the car in Osredek at agrotourism Ujčevi.
Path description:
From the parking lot, we continue walking past the church and at the crossroad after 100 meters there is signpost Vrbica-Iški Vintgar. We turn left, we walk 600 meters to three houses and there we turn right. Path is marked, so it is almost impossible to miss and get lost. We walk past the house with the caption on the house and after 30 meters we turn right. We walk on a macadam road and we start descending towards the forest. When we come in the forest, we stick to the right and then again descent in the forest. From that turn and to change of the path is less than kilometer. When we will have to turn right we will notice a signpost and blazes (on the right side of the path, we will notice signs). From here ahead the path is marked. Path ahead is constantly rising and descending and there are large height difference also up to 50-100 meters. In the last part, the path is only lightly descending towards the mountain hut Dom v Iškem Vintgarju. In the winter is hike not advised because we have to go on foot over the river Iška, because footbridge collapsed some time ago.
Every year 1/5 hike takes place, which is organized by PD Sveti Vid. Path isn't for everyone, because on the path, there are also some safety catches (carefully mainly, if on a hike are smaller kids, older...). By the river Iška there is also a lot of ticks.
On the way: Vrbica (420m)
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju1
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju2
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju3
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju4
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju5
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju6
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju7
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju8
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju9
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju10
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju11
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju12
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju13
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju14
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju15
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju16
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju17
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju18
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju19
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju20
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju21
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju22
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju23
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju24
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju25
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju26
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju27
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju28
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju29
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju30
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju31
Osredek - Dom v Iškem Vintgarju32
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