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Mountain ranges / Karawanks / Babček / Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček (via Sveta Uršula)

Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček (via Sveta Uršula)

Starting point: Ponikva/Hotunje (275 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.2497°N 15.4306°E 
Destination: Babček (575 m)
Path name: via Sveta Uršula
Time of walking: 2 h 45 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 300 m
Altitude difference (by path): 540 m
Map: Posavsko hribovje Boč - Bohor 1:50.000
Author: bruny
Views: 2,074
Trip rating: 3 votes
Number of pictures: 39
Access to starting point:
A) With a train...Train station Ponikva.
B) With a car...We leave the highway at exit Dramlje and we continue in the direction of Šentjur. After three kilometers at the roundabout Dole we continue in the direction of the settlement Ponikva and after approximately seven kilometers, we reach the railway track. In front of the railway crossing, we can park safely. The train station is on the other side of the rail and a little to the right.
Path description:
On the asphalt road which goes along the stream we continue in the direction of the settlement Zagaj pri Ponikvi. After about a kilometer and a half, the asphalt pavement changes into a macadam and we follow it through the forest. Soon we reach a smaller settlement of houses and with good markings we continue through the yard one of the homesteads on a meadow path. A meadow path passes into the forest and then leads us past a lot of ponds and through the forest, we follow the path a little higher to the chapel. From the chapel, we continue through Razbor, left and soon below the road viaduct, where we also cross a smaller watercourse, and we pass on the other side of the highway. We continue through a meadow, through a yard of a homestead and by a wooden fence with horses we reach the main part of Vodule. From the flat part of Vodule follows an ascent on an asphalt road and further on narrower paths in the arms of vineyards/vineyard cottages. Higher, we reach a crossing and after good hundred meters we go right and by the path, we will soon notice the church of St. Uršula and Dom drameljskih planincev in the former parish house.
After viewing, we continue on a forest mountain path downwards from St. Uršula or mountain hut in northern direction and we soon reach a crossroad. We cross the road Dramlje - Pletovarje and at the interesting chapel painting with motifs of Anton Martin Slomšek we continue straight on asphalt through the settlement Grušce. Past the dispersed homesteads, vineyard cottages... we soon reach the forest path, on which we continue slightly to the left to a crossing Babček. This is a pleasant part of the path through the forest and the entire path, which is behind us from Ponikva to a crossing Babček is also Slomšek pilgrimage trail. From the crossing, we continue right uphill on asphalt through the forest, by the barn (right by the path) and homestead (left by the path) we reach the peak Babček.
The total length of the path from Ponikve/Hotunj to the top of Babček is 7700 meters, 540 positive altitude meters and 230 negative altitude meters.
On the way: Sv. Uršula nad Dramljami (464m)
Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček1
Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček2
Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček3
Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček4
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Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček26
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Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček28
Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček29
Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček30
Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček31
Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček32
Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček33
Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček34
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Ponikva/Hotunje - Babček36
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