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Mountain ranges / Posavsko hribovje and Dolenjska / Tolsta gora / Pravdan - Tolsta gora (via Čeh)

Pravdan - Tolsta gora (via Čeh)

Starting point: Pravdan (356 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.1894°N 14.624°E 
Destination: Tolsta gora (734 m)
Path name: via Čeh
Time of walking: 1 h 45 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 378 m
Altitude difference (by path): 410 m
Views: 1,490
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 30
Access to starting point:
A) From the roundabout on Kamnik bypass road we go to the exit in the direction of Volčji Potok, and then still before Arboretum Volčji Potok we turn left on the road in the direction of Rudnik pri Radomljah. Further, we drive past the golf field Arboretum, and when we reach the priority road in Rudnik pri Radomljah, from the crossroad we continue right. The road leads us also past Glamping OB ROBU GOZDA and Galerija Repanšek, and then we get to municipal border between municipalities Kamnik and Domžale. Here we park on an appropriate place by the road.
B) We drive to Radomlje, where at the roundabout in the middle of the settlement, we go to the exit towards the settlement Rova. And good 100 meters ahead from the church in Radomlje, we turn left on street Opekarniška ulica. Further, we drive straight and follow the signs for Rudnik, and we park at the municipal border between municipalities Domžale and Kamnik.
Path description:
From the starting point, where we notice the first blazes we continue on a cart track which from the road branches off towards the northeast. For some time we are gently to moderately ascending through the forest and then the path passes on an indistinct forested ridge, on and by which we for some time continue. Higher, the path from the ridge turns right and it ascends diagonally to a crossing before the tourist farm Čeh.
From the crossing, we continue left in the direction of Trebelno pri Palovčah and we continue on a slightly ascending macadam road.
On slopes of Grdavov hrib, we go slightly left on a cart track which crosses slopes of the mentioned summit towards the left. When we get to the western side of the hill, at the poorly noticeable crossing we go right, so that after few 10 strides we reach another cart track which we follow to the right. On the northern side of Grdavov hrib, we reach an indistinct ridge, on which continues the cart track. Higher the ridge passes into slope, and we follow the cart track straight or towards the north. Few minutes higher we reach an asphalt road Kamnik - Zgornje Palovče, and we follow it to the left, and we walk there to the spot, where from the asphalt road, forest road branches off to the right. We continue on the forest road which mostly in a gentle ascent crosses northwestern slopes of Lancar. When the crossing ends, we step on the edge of the nearby meadow, from which a view opens up a little, and from the crossing on the other side, we continue on a footpath which continues between the cart track and the road. The path ahead at first ascends diagonally towards the right, and when it passes on the northern slopes, it turns left and is then moderately ascending to a few minutes distant peak.
The starting point - Čeh 0:30, Čeh - Tolsta gora 1:15.
Description and pictures refer to a condition in the year 2018 (December).
On the way: Čeh (481m)
Pravdan - Tolsta gora1
Pravdan - Tolsta gora2
Pravdan - Tolsta gora3
Pravdan - Tolsta gora4
Pravdan - Tolsta gora5
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Pravdan - Tolsta gora7
Pravdan - Tolsta gora8
Pravdan - Tolsta gora9
Pravdan - Tolsta gora10
Pravdan - Tolsta gora11
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Pravdan - Tolsta gora13
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Pravdan - Tolsta gora15
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Pravdan - Tolsta gora22
Pravdan - Tolsta gora23
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Pravdan - Tolsta gora25
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