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Mountain ranges / Karawanks / Mittagskogel/Kepa / Šetinov rovt - Mittagskogel/Kepa (via Kurjeki)

Šetinov rovt - Mittagskogel/Kepa (via Kurjeki)

Starting point: Šetinov rovt (1184 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.478°N 13.9408°E 
Path name: via Kurjeki
Time of walking: 4 h
Difficulty: difficult unmarked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 959 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1150 m
Map: Julijske Alpe - vzhodni del. 1 : 50.000;
Author: klm
Views: 9,913
Trip rating: 2 votes
Number of pictures: 0
Access to starting point:
From Gorenjska highway we go to the exit Jesenice - west and follow the road ahead in the direction of Kranjska Gora. And we will soon notice signs for Dovje, which point us to the right on an ascending road, on which we quickly ascend to the upper part of the village. Through the village we follow the road in the direction of Kepa and Dovška Baba, and then we come on a little bigger crossroad, where we continue sharply left in the direction of Kepa. Further, we drive for quite some time on a nicely maintained forest road, and then we come to the next crossroad. There we turn to the left and we go further to Brinje, where on the left turn from the road a steep cart track branches off to the right. There we go to a clearing, named Šetinov rovt (on map marked with a survey point 1184 meters).
Path description:
At Šetinov rovt there are two log cabins. On one of them is a sign with the caption Vrse (1212 meters). Through the clearing, we go straight in the forest, where we run into a beaten footpath and there we go over saddle Šija 1 (1349 meters) over northeastern slopes of Planica, from where in a long turn we descend to a saddle Šija 2 (1362 meters). From there we go on the ridge to a rocky Kurjeki (on map marked with survey point 1666 meters). Kurjeki is a rocky - dwarf pined ridge, with more indistinct peaks, covered with dense dwarf pines, which is from Gubno descending towards the south. The path is partly overgrown with dense lanes of dwarf pines, but it is still distinct and in the beginning also steep. On the ridge of Kurjeki it flattens and leads almost horizontal towards Plevelniki. Several times it gets interrupted by narrow crumbly grooves, which are dangerous for slipping. One of them we cross on an old wooden footbridge. Then we are ascending on a steep rugged and a grassy slope to diagonal marked path below Plevelniki, which comes from Erjavčev rovt. The mentioned footpath is winding on a steep southern slopes of Plevelniki to the ridge before Gubno, which we bypass on the southern slope. We soon get to a broken notch, which we safely climb with the help of steel cables and iron spikes. We continue on more or less narrow, but a panoramic ridge towards slim Dovška Mala Kepa. The footpath bypasses it on precipitous south side, namely on an exposed ledge, which is partly also secured with a steel cable. From there ridge again widens. Soon from the right joins the footpath which comes from Bertahütte. From there to the top, on which stands a big cross, follows only a short ascent on a wide grassy slope. Second cross stands on the Austrian side a little less than 50 meters lower.
Trip can be extended to: Huhnerkogel/Gubno , Dovška Mala Kepa
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