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Mountain ranges / Pohorje, Dravinjske gorice and Haloze / Veliki Šumik waterfall / Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall (through valley of Lobnica - Holcarska pot)

Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall (through valley of Lobnica - Holcarska pot)

Starting point: Smolnik (440 m)
Path name: through valley of Lobnica - Holcarska pot
Time of walking: 2 h 10 min
Difficulty: difficult marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 510 m
Altitude difference (by path): 510 m
Map: Pohorje 1:50.000
Author: gasilec
Views: 22,269
Trip rating: 4 votes
Number of pictures: 19
Access to starting point:
Smolnik is a settlement on the western side of Ruše, geographically it is spreading from Žigartov vrh past the pond Falski ribnik almost to Klopni vrh. From the center of Ruše we drive straight towards the west on the asphalt road towards Činžat odn. Lovrenc, past the cemetery on the right side. In Smolnik before the characteristic railway viaduct, the road turns sharply right and then left to the roundabout, and immediately after the roundabout we turn sharply to the left and on a narrow asphalt road we get into the valley of Lobnica. On the road, we drive a little less than 3 more km (from the roundabout), mostly straight, until we get to the spot, where an asphalt road turns sharply right upwards in almost 180 degree corner. At this spot in the direction straight, forest road branches off, here are also well visible signs for mountain path and also the other signposts, so we can't miss this spot. So we go straight on this forest road and after 150-200 meters on the left side there is an appropriate place, where we can park. In case if this spot is taken, after approx 0.2 km on the left side there is another appropriate spot for parking.
Path description:
On the way: The Mali Šumik waterfall (890m)
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall1
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall2
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall3
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall4
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall5
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall6
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall7
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall8
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall9
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall10
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall11
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall12
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall13
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall14
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall15
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall16
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall17
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall18
Smolnik - Veliki Šumik waterfall19
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