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Mountain ranges / Polhograjsko hribovje and Ljubljana / Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec) / Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)

Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)

Starting point: Sv. Andrej (610 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.1373°N 14.3034°E 
Time of walking: 1 h
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: easily
Altitude difference: 249 m
Altitude difference (by path): 249 m
Map: Škofjeloško in Cerkljansko hribovje, Kod-Kam, Izletniška karta, 1:50.000
Author: Kriška
Views: 21,803
Trip rating: 3 votes
Number of pictures: 19
Access to starting point:
We drive towards Škofja Loka and at its beginning at the traffic light crossroad we turn left downwards in the direction of valley Poljanska dolina (on signpost Gorenja vas, Žiri) and through the old part of Škofja Loka we drive only to a crossroad, where right upwards road ascends towards the castle Loški grad and further, the path into a valley Poljanska dolina, and in that crossroad we turn to the left in the direction of Puštal. We drive over a bridge and soon behind it we see turn off with signpost with the caption Hrastnica. We turn right in this direction and for some time we drive on a narrower asphalt road along the stream Hrastnica through settlements, until on our right we see turn-off of asphalt road which ascends a little steeper towards Sveti Andrej (turn off currently isn't marked with signpost). On a narrower asphalt road which is moderately ascending we then drive a little less than 2 km and we get to Sveti Andrej, where we look for a space, where we will park. Quite a lot of space is right by the road, and if you will visit also the guesthouse Pri Ruparju, they have enough parking space for their guests.
Path description:
We go left upwards past the inn Pri Ruparju, slightly right uphill through a meadow, and on our right we will few meters above us see the church of St. Andrej. The marked path then leads us in a moderate ascent mostly on the forest road or cart track, and part of the path also on a footpath through the forest. When we step out of the forest trail blaze on a tree points us sharply left on a cart track, and straight in front of us we already see our destination – church of St. Ožbolt on the eponymous hill. Few minutes we walk on this cart track, and then blazes point us slightly to the left upwards through the yard of a farm, and then we again come on a cart track. Already after few meters, we can decide, that we will continue on this cart track which moderately ascends to the top of the hill, or we will go slightly to the left on a steep, narrow footpath which to the destination brings us more straight.
From the top, a beautiful view opens up towards Škofja Loka and surrounding villages, Lubnik, Stari vrh and Blegoš, and of course higher mountains behind them.
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)1
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)2
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)3
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)4
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)5
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)6
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)7
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)8
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)9
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)10
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)11
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)12
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)13
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)14
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)15
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)16
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)17
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)18
Sv. Andrej - Sveti Ožbolt (above Zminec)19
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