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Mountain ranges / Posavsko hribovje and Dolenjska / Špicberg / Trbovlje - Špicberg (circular path)

Trbovlje - Špicberg (circular path)

Starting point: Trbovlje (310 m)
Destination: Špicberg (490 m)
Path name: circular path
Time of walking: 1 h
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 180 m
Altitude difference (by path): 180 m
Author: Rudi26
Views: 3,788
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 12
Access to starting point:
If we drive to Trbovlje from the direction of the railway station we drive on the main road all the way to store Spar and at the crossroad, we turn left. At the top of the street where there is again a crossroad we go on the road uphill. We follow this road all the way to a crossing, where we notice a sign for settlement Klek. Before this sign we need to turn on the road which runs to the left. On this road we continue to a crossing, where we go again left. The road which becomes a macadam past private houses brings us to a meadow, where we can notice a smaller ski jumping hill.
Path description:
At the initial clearing or meadow right at the beginning on the tree there is a sign, on which the path is drawn. We can go left and at first, we cross the entire ridge of Špicberg, and then we return on the path which runs right below the ridge and we walk the circular path.
We step on a cart track which runs on the left side of the ridge. When we get closer to the trees, we have to pay attention and we will find the footpath which takes us on the ridge. Or we can follow the cart track to the other side of the ridge, where right behind the turn there is another path which leads straight on the ridge to the first peak. When we are on the ridge, a larger part of the ascent is behind us. We all the time follow the path which is slightly ascending and descending on individual less distinct peaks. We soon reach the highest part of the path, where there is into the tree cutted caption Vrh 490 meters, and above it on the tree there is a plastic trail blaze.
We continue on the path, and eventually the path crosses a short narrow passage, which is on both side slightly precipitous, but this passage if we are careful doesn't represent any problems not even to beginners. The path all the time runs among trees and bushes, therefore the view is very limited. The vegetation starts to get thinner, and the path descending. A view opens up, and the path is descending steeper. We came to the spot where from the right side joins the path which takes us back to the starting point. And in front of us there is a small hill, on which there is a bench on which we can rest.
Back to the starting point we can go on the path which runs below the ridge or we return back on the same path. And from this spot leads also the path into Bevška, which is marked with signpost with the caption. For the circular path with normal walking we need approximately one hour.
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