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Mountain ranges / Prekmurje / Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar / Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar (Ježkova pot - through forest)

Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar (Ježkova pot - through forest)

Starting point: Trdkova (288 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.85746°N 16.0861°E 
Path name: Ježkova pot - through forest
Time of walking: 25 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 102 m
Altitude difference (by path): 115 m
Map: Pomurje 1:40.000
Views: 570
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 19
Access to starting point:
A) We drive on the road Gorenji Petrovci - Kuzma, and the road towards Kuzma we follow to the beginning of the village Martinje (on signposts Martinje Trdkova). Here only few 10 meters before the beginning of the village we notice signs for Tromejnik, which point us to the right, on the road on which we quickly get to the village Trdkova. The road then moderately ascends and it brings us to a crossroad, at which we notice signs for Tromejnik left and right. We decide for the left road which starts descending steeply. The road lower flattens and after few 100 meters of additional driving brings us to the next crossroad, where we continue right (direction Tromejnik). Further, we drive on a gently sloping macadam road which we follow to a marked parking lot at the information boards for Tromejnik. B) We drive to Kuzma, and then we follow the road towards Petrovci. Soon after Kuzma we notice signs for Trdkova, which point us to the left on a side road. In Matjaševci we go twice to the right, before the beginning of the settlement Trdkova to the left in the direction of Tromejnik. Next follows some driving on the macadam road and we get to a larger macadam parking lot, where we park.
Path description:
Before the beginning of the parking lot, at the hunting observatory, looking in the direction of arrival, a marked path branches off to the left, which on the left side bypasses the pond and passes into the forest through which we start ascending. At first, we are ascending on a marked cart track, and at the smaller crossing, we choose the right path (straight continues a little shorter marked path), which lightly descends to the learning board "Kroženje vode in vpliv gozda" (Water circulation and the forest impact), by which there is a well. Next follows some of a moderate ascent and we return on a marked cart track.
A little further, we from the cart track descend to the learning board "Prehranjevalne verige" (Food chains), and then on the same path we return on a cart track, on which we continue. Further, the cart track narrows into a mountain path, which is ascending diagonally towards the right. At the smaller crossing, a marked path turns sharply left, and we continue straight, on at first still a gently sloping path, and then at the wooden fence we steeply ascend to the forest road.
We follow the road left upwards (to the right we can return to the starting point) and we quickly get to the top of Tromejnik, which is situated on tripoint between Slovenia, Austria and Hungary.
Description and pictures refer to a condition in April 2021.
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar1
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar2
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar3
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar4
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar5
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar6
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar7
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar8
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar9
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar10
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar11
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar12
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar13
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar14
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar15
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar16
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar17
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar18
Trdkova - Tromejnik / Dreiländerecke / Harmashatar19
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