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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Vrh Planje (above Globoko) / Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko) (via Globoko)

Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko) (via Globoko)

Starting point: Ukanc (570 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.2758°N 13.8358°E 
Path name: via Globoko
Time of walking: 4 h
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 1293 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1300 m
Map: TNP 1:50.000
Views: 273
Trip rating: 2 votes
Number of pictures: 62
Access to starting point:
A) From highway Ljubljana - Jesenice we go to the exit Lesce and we follow the road towards Bled, Bohinjska Bistrica, Ribčev Laz and ski center Vogel. The path starts at a large settled parking lot at the bottom station of the cableway on Vogel.
B) From Primorska we at first drive to Bohinjska Bistrica, and then we follow the signs for Lake Bohinj and Vogel. The path starts at the parking lot at the bottom station of the cable car on Vogel.
Path description:
Below bottom station of the cableway on Vogel we notice a forest road (in the winter time ski track), which starts moderately ascending towards the west. The path ahead is for some time gently to moderately ascending, and then it brings us out of the forest on a panoramic slope, from where a beautiful view opens up on Komarča, Pršivec and Lake Bohinj.
After that the road starts turning more and more to the left and is becoming steeper and steeper. Higher, we continue on a relatively steep ski track, on which all the time leads worse and gravel transport road. Eventually the road or ski track for some time flattens, and then turns right and continues on the bottom part of the valley Žagarjev graben. On the part, where the road or ski slope slightly descends and brings us into a small valley, we leave it and few steps right in the forest, we notice an old mule track on which we continue parallel with the ski slope.
The path ahead leads us on a mule track, by which we notice quite frequent older blazes, and at the smaller crossing, we go right in the direction of Globoko. The path soon turns back to the left and gradually starts ascending diagonally on steep slopes, where the mule track is on several spots damaged, but there aren't any harder spots. When the slope flattens a little, signs for Globoko and Vogel from a mule track point us to the left, where we quickly get to a small valley, where the footpath starts vanishing among lush vegetation. Here it is at first a little harder to follow old blazes and footpath, which we can see below the overgrown part. The direction of further ascent is quite similar, namely it is mainly ascending on or slightly left from a small valley of Žagarjev graben. Higher the terrain becomes a little less overgrown, and the blazes and footpath are easier to follow. After the cairn on the rock we join a maintained and better beaten path which leads from Ski hotel on Vogel towards Dom na Komni.
We follow the mentioned path to the right, and in the direction of Komna we walk only to the nearby marked crossing, and there we go left on a poorly beaten, but well-marked path in the direction of saddle Globoko and Koča na planini Razor (straight - saddle Konjsko sedlo and Komna).
The path ahead continues on with grass vegetated mule track, which the marked path few times also cuts. Higher, we are ascending with increasingly beautiful views, and on a mule track, which makes few longer turns we get to a crossing, where we join also the second path which leads from the ski slope Vogel towards Komna.
We continue right towards the saddle Globoko and in few minutes past the ruins we ascend to a crossing below the saddle Globoko.
We go slightly right and upwards on the path in the direction of saddle Globoko and mountain hut Koča na planini Razor (left - Vogel, right - saddle Konjsko sedlo and Komna). Next follows a steep ascent, where on a shorter section we also get help from a steel cable, and after 15 minutes of a steep ascent we reach the saddle Globoko, from where a nice view opens up also towards the south. Here we leave the marked path which starts descending towards the mountain pasture Razor and we continue sharply right on a bad unmarked footpath, on which in a minute or two, we ascend on Vrh Planje.
On the way: Globoko (1828m)
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)1
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)2
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)3
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)4
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)5
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)6
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)7
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)8
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)9
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)10
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)11
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)12
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)13
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)14
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)15
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)16
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)17
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)18
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)19
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)20
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)21
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)22
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)23
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)24
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)25
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)26
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)27
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)28
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)29
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)30
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)31
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)32
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)33
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)34
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)35
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)36
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)37
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)38
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)39
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)40
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)41
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)42
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)43
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)44
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)45
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)46
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)47
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)48
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)49
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)50
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)51
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)52
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)53
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)54
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)55
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)56
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)57
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)58
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)59
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)60
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)61
Ukanc - Vrh Planje (above Globoko)62
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