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Mountain ranges / Kamnik Savinja Alps / Štajerska Rinka / V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka (via Žmavčarji)

V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka (via Žmavčarji)

Starting point: V Koncu (900 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.342°N 14.5682°E 
Path name: via Žmavčarji
Time of walking: 4 h 15 min
Difficulty: difficult unmarked way
Difficulty of skiing: very demanding
Altitude difference: 1474 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1474 m
Map: Kamniške in Savinjske Alpe 1:50.000
Views: 13,278
Trip rating: 3 votes
Number of pictures: 45
Access to starting point:
We drive to Kamnik and follow the road ahead towards the valley of Kamniška Bistrica. From the hut in Kamniška Bistrica we continue driving on the forest road which higher brings us to a crossroad, where we continue straight (right Jermanca, starting point for saddle Kamniško sedlo). The road then past the boulder Žagana peč brings us to the parking lot at the bottom cargo cableway station to a saddle Kokrsko sedlo.
Driving from the mountain hut in Kamniška Bistrica to the parking lot V Koncu is now forbidden (traffic sign), this extends the path for a little less than an hour.
Path description:
From the parking lot at the cargo cableway we continue on increasingly rough road which after 10 minutes of walking changes into a cart track. Cart track splits into two parts, and we go on the right one (left cart track vanishes, or leads towards Gamsov skret), which by the smaller boulder covered with moss (big rock) turns a little more to the right. Right on this spot we leave the cart track and we continue straight on at first a poorly visible footpath which is later steeply ascending in zig-zags. Steep and mainly in wet for slipping dangerous path leads us over steep slopes, which are on some spots secured with a steel cable. Steep path, which also crosses few gullies higher brings us to less steep slopes. After a good hour of walking, the path brings us out of the forest, where it starts to ascend steeply again. The path at first leads over grassy slopes surrounded by thin forest and then with the help of some fixed safety gear brings us level higher. The path ahead passes on gravel slopes, which makes the ascent a little more difficult, and then the path turns to the left on steep grassy slopes, which are rising above ample scree. On the top of this grassy part we go a little right and the path passes over from grass to high mountain terrain below Skuta. Further, on with cairns surrounded path in few minutes we come to a pleasant bivouac below Skuta.
From the bivouac, we continue on a poorly visible and still unmarked path on an indistinct small ridge, which after 15 minutes of walking from the bivouac brings us on a marked path Kamniško sedlo - Kokrsko sedlo. Here we continue right and already after few minutes we come to a crossing, where we continue sharp left in the direction of Skuta and Rinke. Only a little further, we come to the next crossing, where we continue right upwards in the direction of Rinke (straight Skuta). The path ahead for a short time steeply ascends, and then it brings us on an indistinct ridge on and by which we are then ascending. Just before a marked path reaches peak of Mala Rinka, it turns slightly to the left and descends a little to the notch between Mala and Štajerska Rinka. On the other side of the notch marked path again starts ascending, and we follow it only few steps, and then on the right side we notice a poorly beaten footpath, on which in 10 minutes of a moderate ascent we ascend to the summit of Štajerska Rinka.
V Koncu - Bivak pod Skuto 3:00, Bivak pod Skuto - Štajerska Rinka 1:15.
On the way: Bivak pod Skuto (2070m)
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka1
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka2
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka3
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka4
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka5
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka6
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka7
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka8
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka9
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka10
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka11
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka12
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka13
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka14
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka15
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka16
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka17
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka18
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka19
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka20
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka21
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka22
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka23
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka24
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka25
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka26
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka27
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka28
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka29
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka30
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka31
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka32
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka33
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka34
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka35
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka36
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka37
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka38
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka39
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka40
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka41
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka42
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka43
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka44
V Koncu - Štajerska Rinka45
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