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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Rombon / Zavrzeln - Rombon

Zavrzeln - Rombon

Starting point: Zavrzeln (700 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.3443°N 13.5397°E 
Destination: Rombon (2208 m)
Time of walking: 5 h
Difficulty: partly demanding marked way
Difficulty of skiing: demanding
Altitude difference: 1508 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1508 m
Map: Julijske Alpe - zahodni del 1:50.000
Views: 49,295
Trip rating: 8 votes
Number of pictures: 17
Access to starting point:
First, we drive to the center of Bovec, where we go on the road upwards, which goes past the church ahead towards Kaninska vas. We follow the road ahead and which soon brings us to a crossroad, where we continue straight. Left road descends in the village plužna. The road then quickly brings us to the next crossroad, where we continue right in the direction of Rombon. Further, we drive to the spot, where the road crosses a torrent (near the parking lot and beginning of the path are signposts and a well).
Path description:
We start at a well, where blazes point us on a footpath (not on a cart track), which is at first ascending through a thin forest. After 15 minutes of walking, the path passes into a dense forest, where it is then still moderately ascending. The path which crosses some old military mule tracks, after a little more than hour and a half of walking, it brings us out of the forest on grassy slopes, on which in few minutes we ascend on the mountain pasture Goričica, where there stands a hunting cottage.
Here a view opens up towards the mountains, which are located south from basin Bovška kotlina, and we continue right on the path which in few additional minutes brings us to a crossing. We continue on the right (bottom) path in the direction of Rombon (left Črnelska špica), which after some light strides it brings us to the spot, where used to be military hospital - ruins (to ruins we have few 10 meters, and memorial plaque is only few meters from the marked path).
The marked path here turns left and crosses last lane of a forest. When we then step out of the forest, we will on the right side notice numerous military tunnels (and on the opposite side we notice a cross). The path ahead is ascending on already very worn out mule track and leads us past numerous remains of war. The path then flattens and the path brings us to the spot, where a view opens up on Rombon.
We continue straight (right upwards Čukla 3 minutes) on the path which in few minute of gentle ascent brings us below the foot of rocky cliffs of Rombon. Here the path turns left and it ascends on the scree by the foot of the walls. Considerably strenuous path, which is ascending on steep scree then turns sharply right in distinct gully. Because of substantial steepness we have to be careful, not to trigger stones, because for mountaineers below us this can be deadly dangerous (on this part in the early summer, there is still possible a snow field). Higher, the path brings us on a ridge, where joins the path from fortress Kluže. We continue here sharply left on the path which very steeply ascends over a short jump. With the help of natural holds we ascend a level higher (5 meters). On this part, a great caution is needed, especially at the descent.
The path then flattens and continues on the upper moderately steep slope of the mountain. Then we follow a panoramic path to the top of Rombon.
Because of numerous military fortresses it is recommended to have a headlamp.
The starting point - Planina Goričica 1:45, Planina Goričica - Čukla 45 minutes, Čukla - Rombon 2:00.
On the way: Planina Goričica (1336m), Čukla (1767m)
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