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Mountain ranges / Biokovo and Dalmatia / Stražišće / Zvekovica - Stražišće (by road)

Zvekovica - Stražišće (by road)

Starting point: Zvekovica (165 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 42.5814°N 18.2454°E 
Path name: by road
Time of walking: 2 h
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 536 m
Altitude difference (by path): 605 m
Map: Turistično-planinski zemljevid Konavle
Author: Glogo
Views: 284
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 35
Access to starting point:
The starting point of the path is in the settlement Zvekovica (3 km from Cavtat), at the turn-off towards Duba Konavoska.
Path description:
From a turn-off for Duba Konavoska we follow the road upwards. We go through the village Uskoplje. All the time we stick to the main road.
Higher, we can from the road observe the landings and take-offs of the aircrafts on the airport Čilipi.
After approximately 4 km we come to the turn-off for Velji Do. We turn left and we follow the asphalt road to the village Velji Do.
Behind the last house in the village we go on a cart track right uphill. We follow the cart track which meanwhile slightly descends, to the turn-off for Stražišće.
We turn right on the mountain path and to the top we follow the signs. The path is easy and offers a nice view.
Zvekovica - Stražišće1
Zvekovica - Stražišće2
Zvekovica - Stražišće3
Zvekovica - Stražišće4
Zvekovica - Stražišće5
Zvekovica - Stražišće6
Zvekovica - Stražišće7
Zvekovica - Stražišće8
Zvekovica - Stražišće9
Zvekovica - Stražišće10
Zvekovica - Stražišće11
Zvekovica - Stražišće12
Zvekovica - Stražišće13
Zvekovica - Stražišće14
Zvekovica - Stražišće15
Zvekovica - Stražišće16
Zvekovica - Stražišće17
Zvekovica - Stražišće18
Zvekovica - Stražišće19
Zvekovica - Stražišće20
Zvekovica - Stražišće21
Zvekovica - Stražišće22
Zvekovica - Stražišće23
Zvekovica - Stražišće24
Zvekovica - Stražišće25
Zvekovica - Stražišće26
Zvekovica - Stražišće27
Zvekovica - Stražišće28
Zvekovica - Stražišće29
Zvekovica - Stražišće30
Zvekovica - Stražišće31
Zvekovica - Stražišće32
Zvekovica - Stražišće33
Zvekovica - Stražišće34
Zvekovica - Stražišće35
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