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Matkova kopa

Country: Austria, Slovenia
Mountain range: Kamnik Savinja Alps
Elevation: 1957 m / 6421 ft
Type: peak
Weather forecast:
Views: 388,003
Popularity: 77% (657th place)
Number of pictures: 5
Number of paths: 1
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Matkova kopa is hardly accessible mountain in the ridge of Kamnik Savinja Alps between the valleys Matkov kot and Belska Kočna. The ridge runs in the direction north-south and at the same time, it is on the border with the neighbouring Austria. On the north it starts with the lowest Pavličev vrh (1339 meters), follow Pavličeve stene (1653 meters), saddle Lesnikovo sedlo (1517 meters), Jerebičje (1761 meters), saddle Matkovo sedlo (1623 meters), Matkov Grintovec (1700 meters), Jevševec (1730 meters), Matkova kopa (1957 meters), saddle Krničko sedlo (1803 meters), Krnička gora (2061 meters) and Mrzla gora (2203 meters). The crossing of this ridge is Very nice, but also very demanding. The only peak on which leads a marked path is Mrzla gora, and all the others are accessible on unmarked shepherd-hunting paths and pathless terrains.
On Matkova kopa such paths lead from Matkov kot, from farms Kočnar, Matk and Perk, from Pavličev vrh and from Belska Kočna. The ascent on the very peak runs on very demanding pathless terrain. The easiest approach is from Matkova krnica above Matkov kot.
The approach from all directions is very difficult, technically, orientationally, and also very strenuos. Therefore the mountain is appropriate only for experienced mountaineers with appropriate equipment.
Locals are here very hospitable. But from conversations with them, seems that they want that their place also in the future stays so lonely, as it was in the past.
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Matkova kopa Matkova kopa Matkova kopa Matkova kopa Matkova kopa
Tourist farm Perk - Matkova kopa (shepherd-hunting path)3 h 30 minvery difficult pathless terrain
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