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Mountain ranges / Karawanks / Plešivška kopa (Kozarnica)

Plešivška kopa (Kozarnica)

Country: Slovenia
Mountain range: Karawanks
Elevation: 1414 m / 4639 ft
Type: peak
Weather forecast:
Views: 119,563
Popularity: 51% (1694th place)
Number of pictures: 6
Number of paths: 1
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Plešivška kopa is part of the mountain range Uršlja gora, it is a distinct forested shoulder, which is stretching from the peak towards the east. The peak has various appearances. From the valley Mislinjska dolina it seems like a high rising peak (Kopa) in front of Uršlja gora, and it from the valley Mežiška dolina we see it as an elongated forested ridge, which is from Uršlja gora stretching towards the east. If we have a little imagination, this image can resemble the appearance of a back of a goat and from here probably also its other name Kozarnica, which is used in places northern below the mountain. The peak is because of the proximity of its better known neighbors almost unknown and poorly visited and a lot of mountaineers avoid the summit, when they go on Uršlja gora. Plešivška kopa is otherwise all the way to the top covered with a forest, but because of the precipitous northern slope while walking on the upper ridge among gaps in the forest, we can also enjoy the view towards the north, which reaches a large part of Slovenian Koroška, Košenjak, Kozjak, and all the way to Lavanttal Alps in Austria. On this peak doesn't lead any marked path, but with a little effort on a hunting and the forest footpaths we can visit it, and enjoy serenity in the upper forests. If we are quiet, we might meet some chamois, western capercaillie or even a flock of mouflons.
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Plešivška kopa (Kozarnica) Plešivška kopa (Kozarnica) Plešivška kopa (Kozarnica) Plešivška kopa (Kozarnica) Plešivška kopa (Kozarnica) Plešivška kopa (Kozarnica)
Poštarski dom pod Plešivcem - Plešivška kopa (Kozarnica)1 h 30 minpartly demanding unmarked way
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