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Webcams / Schmittenhöhe


1. Webcam is situated at the upper station of the cableway Schmittenhöhebahn on the top of Schmittenhöhe at an altitude 1965 meters. On the mentioned summit there is also bar Schnaps Hans and restaurant and hotel Berghotel Schmittenhöhe. Besides the already mentioned cableway, on the top there are also upper stations of cableways Kettingalmbahn and Kapellenbahn.
Source: feratel.com
2. Webcam is situated on the top of Schmittenhöhe. A view towards the east, in the valley we see the lake Zeller See.
3. Webcam at bar Schnaps Hans. On the picture we see the mentioned bar and hotel Berghotel Schmittenhöhe in which there is also a restaurant.
4. Webcam is situated at the chapel on the top of Schmittenhöhe. On the picture we see the chapel Elisabethkapelle. The chapel was built in the year 1904.
Live picture from panorama webcam Schmittenhöhe.
Country: Austria
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