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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Velika Baba (Kanin)

Velika Baba (Kanin)

Country: Slovenia
Mountain range: Julian Alps
Elevation: 2148 m / 7047 ft
Type: peak
Weather forecast:
Views: 16,060
Popularity: 41% (2008th place)
Number of pictures: 7
Number of paths: 1
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Velika Baba is the southernmost two-thousander of Kanin mountains. Northern from the main ridge it is seperated by good 100 meters lower saddle Med Baban, on the east and northeast by Kaninski podi, on the south it steeply descends to lower Mala Baba and lower Skutnik, and western it is steeply falling towards the valley Rezija. A view reaches from the nearby, Visoki Kanin, Prestreljenik, Veliki Babanski Skedenj, Rombon and other less known peaks in the mountain range to Mangrt, Jalovec, Bavški Grintavec, peaks above Kriški podi, Triglav, Kanjavec, Lepo Špičje to Krn mountains. In front of it, there is ridge of Polovnik, and below it valley Soča, and even a little more to the right ridges of Stol and Matajur. And horizon over ridges Skutnik, Muzci and Lopič ends on a saddle Karnijski Amariani, Pisimoni, Zuc dal Bor, in clear weather we can see all the way to Antelao, Pelmo and Marmolada in the Dolomites.
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Velika Baba (Kanin) Velika Baba (Kanin) Velika Baba (Kanin) Velika Baba (Kanin) Velika Baba (Kanin) Velika Baba (Kanin) Velika Baba (Kanin)
Parking below Pl. Kot - Velika Baba (Kanin) (over Zg. Brda and saddle Med Baban)3 h 15 mindifficult marked way
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