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Veliki vrh (above Lom)

Country: Slovenia
Elevation: 1071 m / 3514 ft
Type: peak
Weather forecast:
Views: 3,610
Popularity: 34% (2236th place)
Number of pictures: 4
Number of paths: 4
Number of GPS tracks: 1
Description of mountain:
Veliki vrh is located on northeastern part of plateau Banjška planota, which is rising above Čepovanski dol, valley of river Soča and valley of river Idrijca. With 1071 meters together with Lašček it is the highest peak of this plateau. On one side it borders Kanalski Lom, and on the other side Lokovec and Grudnica. Access is possible from several sides, a very panoramic circular hiking trail Lom is my home leads past. From the top, on which there is miniature Aljaž turret with an inscription book and a stamp, a nice view opens up towards Krn mountain range, ridge of Bohinj-Tolmin mountains, Cerkljansko hribovje and plateau Šentviška planota.
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Veliki vrh (above Lom) Veliki vrh (above Lom) Veliki vrh (above Lom) Veliki vrh (above Lom)
Široko - Veliki vrh (above Lom) (via Kanalski Lom - on trail Lom is my home)2 h 40 mineasy marked way
Široko - Veliki vrh (above Lom) (direct way)1 h 30 mineasy marked way
Široko - Veliki vrh (above Lom) (via Grudnica - on trail Lom is my home)1 h 50 mineasy marked way
Railway station (Most na Soči) - Veliki vrh (above Lom)3 h 15 mineasy marked way
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