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Mountain ranges / Julian Alps / Stol (Julian Alps) / Breginj - Stol (Julian Alps)

Breginj - Stol (Julian Alps)

Starting point: Breginj (550 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.262°N 13.4259°E 
Time of walking: 3 h 10 min
Difficulty: partly demanding marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 1123 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1145 m
Map: Julijske Alpe - zahodni del 1:50.000
Views: 62,922
Trip rating: 3 votes
Number of pictures: 39
Access to starting point:
First, we drive to the center of Kobarid, and then we continue driving towards the border crossing Robič. Near the village Staro selo, we leave the main road which runs towards the border crossing Robič and we continue driving right in the direction of Breginj. Further, we follow a mainly ascending road to Breginj, where we park on a parking lot near the church.
Path description:
From the parking lot, we continue past the church (we bypass it on the right side) and we continue the ascent on an asphalt road in the direction of Stol and Muzec. The road at first ascends through the village, at the crossroads we follow it in an already known direction. Higher, the road loses an asphalt covering and past an old mill brings us to a marked crossroad, where we continue slightly right (left church of Marija Snežna). The road which continues to moderately ascend, soon brings us to a marked crossing, where a marked footpath on Muzec (Musc) branches off to the left.
We continue in the direction of Stol and we still continue the ascent on a macadam road, and it soon brings us to the next marked crossroad. We again continue right in the direction of Stol and Sveta Marjeta (left Muzec) on further at first gently sloping road. After few minutes of additional walking, blazes point us to the left on a marked footpath which higher few times crosses already mentioned forest road. Mentioned footpath (possible also the road), which starts ascending steeper and steeper, we then follow all the way to the church Sveta Marjeta (973 meters).
From the church, we continue on a steep footpath which out of the forest quickly brings us on panoramic grassy slopes. When we step out of the forest, a wonderful view opens up on Breginjski kot and peaks, which surround the mentioned area. The path ahead passes on an indistinct side ridge, on which we are then steeper and steeper ascending. Higher, the path brings us on an unmarked crossing, where we continue straight (left slightly downwards diagonal path towards Klatnica) and we continue the ascent on already known indistinct ridge. The path from which increasingly beautiful views opening up on Adriatic Sea, Breški Jalovec and ridge of Muzci, higher ascends even steeper, and then turns a little to the right, where it crosses very steep and mainly in wet for slipping dangerous slopes. Further path slightly flattens and brings us on the main ridge of the longest ridge in Julian Alps (ridge is long around 30 km).
When we step on the ridge, we continue right (left Muzec) and we continue the ascent on a very panoramic ridge. The path which at first slightly descends and offers nice views on Kanin massif, few times for a short time steeply ascends and after approximately 15 minutes of additional walking brings us to the summit of Stol.
On the way: Sveta Marjeta pod Stolom (973m)
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