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Mountain ranges / Žumberačka gora, Medvednica and Međimurje / Čevo / Podevčevo - Čevo (left path past Malo Čevo)

Podevčevo - Čevo (left path past Malo Čevo)

Starting point: Podevčevo (197 m)
Destination: Čevo (562 m)
Path name: left path past Malo Čevo
Time of walking: 50 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 365 m
Altitude difference (by path): 365 m
Author: Marx
Views: 1,828
Trip rating: 2 votes
Number of pictures: 36
Access to starting point:
From Varaždin we drive on the old road towards Zagreb. In the village Turčin we will just before the ascent notice a signpost for Tužno-Ivanec. Here we go right and we drive through the village Tomaševec (railway!), Doljan, Žigrovec and we come in the village Sveti Ilija. Here we will turn left uphill in the direction of Beletinec (Attention! Straight is the settlement Beretinec). From the slope after the village Sveti Ilija we descend and we continue straight until we come in the village Podevčevo. The orientation from here on is easy, because Čevo is in front of us. In the village Podevčevo we park on a parking lot in front of the inn Brk or by the football field at the beginning of the village.
Path description:
From the parking lot, we continue ahead by the main road which we leave at sharp the left turn (blazes on two pines), from where we continue towards the hamlet Novoselci. Here a narrower road turns right, and then it seems, that the path ends, but this isn't the case, because blazes point us to the left on a yard of abandoned farm, where the path leads us past the garden and by the fence. We soon get to a crossing, where we choose the left steep path.
The left path further leads along a vineyard and then through the forest to bigger rock, where we go left (at first glance it seems that the correct path goes straight). Until now, quite a steep path, here for some time flattens. Higher, the path passes more and more to the southeast, where from a wider footpath passes on a narrower, and in few hairpin turns it ascends on the ridge of Čevo.
On the ridge the grounding becomes more rocky, and the path increasingly steep (mainly during and after the rain it is dangerous for slipping). On the top of the steep part, a short path branches off to the right towards the nearby vantage point Malo Čevo, from where a really nice view opens up. After the vantage point we will come to a crossing, where the path branches off to the right towards Grebengrad, and we go straight. In front of us is the most steep part of the path, because of this path could be also marked as partly demanding (but it isn't that difficult). The steepness soon decreases and the forest gets a little thinner and a view opens up a little. The path continues on again a little more stone grounding, on a relatively gently sloping path.
The peak is in the forest and doesn't offer any view, but it has a stamp, but not the inscription book.
From the top, we can continue also about 5 minutes further to a viewpoint Balkon, from where a view opens up towards the west, where in good visibility we can see all the way to Kamnik Savinja Alps.
Because the left path is pretty steep, for a descent it is recommended to go on the right path.
Podevčevo - Čevo1
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