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Country: Croatia
Elevation: 562 m / 1844 ft
Lat/Lon: °N °E 
Type: peak
Views: 59,095
Popularity: 41% (1931st place)
Number of pictures: 5
Number of paths: 3
Number of GPS tracks: 0
Description of mountain:
Čevo is eastern peak on Ivanščica. From the south side it is a gentle hill, but from north it is very sharply descending towards the valley. It is also known by the name Zagorski Klek. Čevo is a popular destination of Varaždin mountaineers because it is their local mountain. The peak of Čevo is in the forest and doesn't offer any view. The view offers the vantage point Malo Čevo (northeast) and Balkon (west). On the top doesn't have a mountain hut. At the vantage point there are two cottages, which serve as some sort of shelter in case of the rain.
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Čevo Čevo Čevo Čevo Čevo
Podevčevo - Čevo1 h 15 mineasy marked way
Podevčevo - Čevo (left path past Malo Čevo) 50 mineasy marked way
Završje Podbelsko - Čevo (Tafrina staza)1 heasy unmarked way
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