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Mountain ranges / Karawanks / Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava)) / Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava)) (easy path)

Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava)) (easy path)

Starting point: Podpeca (Mitnek) (880 m)
Starting point Lat/Lon: 46.4942°N 14.82626°E 
Path name: easy path
Time of walking: 4 h 15 min
Difficulty: easy marked way
Difficulty of skiing: no data
Altitude difference: 1245 m
Altitude difference (by path): 1285 m
Map: Kamniške in Savinjske Alpe 1:50.000
Views: 19,522
Trip rating: 1 votes
Number of pictures: 53
Access to starting point:
A) We drive to Črna na Koroškem (to here from Ravne na Koroškem or from Šoštanj over the mountain pass Spodnje Sleme), and then we continue driving towards Koprivna and Podpeca. Further, we are ascending by the river Meža, and we drive by it to a crossroad, where a road towards Podpeca and Dom na Peci branches off to the right. A little higher asphalt ends, and we park at the parking lot by the road.
B) We drive to Luče (to here from Mozirje or from Kamnik over mountain pass Volovljek (Kranjski Rak)), and then we continue driving towards Logarska dolina. In the village Solčava we leave the main road towards Logarska dolina and we continue driving right in the direction of Podolševa, mountain pass Spodnje Sleme and Črna na Koroškem. Further road loses an asphalt covering, and after few kilometers at the crossroad in Podolševa we turn right towards Črna na Koroškem. The road which is further mostly ascending diagonally, eventually brings us to mountain pass Spodnje Sleme. From the mountain pass the road starts descending, and we follow it in the direction of Črna na Koroškem. When after few kilometers we descend to the valley, at the crossroad we turn right towards Črna na Koroškem (left Koprivna). On the main road we are descending towards Črna na Koroškem, and the road at first leads past the turn off into a valley Topla, a little lower also to the turn-off of the road towards Podpeca and Dom na Peci. Here we continue left and we start ascending on an asphalt road. A little higher asphalt ends, and we park on an appropriate place by the road.
Path description:
We continue on a macadam road and we follow the signs for mountain hut Dom na Peci. We soon come to the first crossing, where we continue left. Here the road starts ascending and we are soon at a crossing again. We go on the left road following the signs »Dom on Peca - peš pot« (footpath). This road we then soon leave and we start ascending on a steep cart track by the meadow. The path then brings us to the road on which we continue few ten meters to the left and then blazes again point us to the right on a footpath. Further, we are then long time ascending through the forest.
Later, the path leads past the hunting cottage.
A short ascent follows and the path again brings us on the road. We continue by following the signs for »Dom na Peci 45 min« and we start ascending on a cart track. The path further turns slightly to the left and then in ascent for quite some time crosses slopes towards the southwest. In the last part, the path turns to the right and a short ascent follows through the forest to the mountain hut Dom na Peci.
From Dom na Peci we go on a footpath towards Mala Peca or on the path towards Kordeževa glava. After a little less than ten minutes of ascent both paths join, and we continue on a marked path, which further ascends on a meadow upwards and it brings us to a marked crossing.
Here we continue right and we some time walk without changes in altitude, and then we join a better beaten path, which bypasses the peak Mala Peca (mentioned path is a little shorter). The path ahead ascends through a meadow and a little higher brings us to a marked crossing.
We continue on the right easy path (on signposts is otherwise a sign, that the path is demanding, but it isn't, because the path doesn't have any technically demanding spots (left climbing path on Peca)), and it gradually passes among dwarf pines. We continue the ascent on a moderately steep to steep path, from which increasingly beautiful views opening up. Higher, the path entirely flattens on a grassy plain, where from the left joins already mentioned climbing path. Next follows few minutes of ascent on the upper slope of Kordeževa glava and the path without any bigger problems brings us on the highest peak of Peca.
On the way: Dom na Peci mountain hut (1665m), Mala Peca (1731m)
Trip can be extended to: Končnikov vrh , Feistritzer Spitze
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))1
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))2
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))3
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))4
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))5
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))6
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))7
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))8
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))9
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))10
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))11
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))12
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))13
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))14
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))15
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))16
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))17
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))18
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))19
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))20
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))21
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))22
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))23
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))24
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))25
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))26
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))27
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))28
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))29
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))30
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))31
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))32
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))33
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))34
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))35
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))36
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))37
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))38
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))39
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))40
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))41
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))42
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))43
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))44
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))45
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))46
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))47
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))48
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))49
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))50
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))51
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))52
Podpeca (Mitnek) - Petzen (Kordeschkopf) (Peca (Kordeževa glava))53
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